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Dear James - Term 2 paperwork

Discussion in 'New teachers' started by msloops, Mar 29, 2011.

  1. Hello,
    I'm approaching the end of my 2nd term. I was told several weeks ago that they are going to recommend me as 'may not meet the standards' for the 2nd term (same as last term) although that was just in feedback from an observation, not in a proper assessment meeting. As I've said elsewhere, I was then very strongly advised to quit before the 2nd assessment, but I have refused and given in my notice for 31st august instead.
    In term 1 before christmas, I had to fill my assessment form in myself rather than having an assessment meeting. They will also want me to fill in my own form again this time. However I don't feel I can, because they haven't yet told me what standards they think I'm not meeting, and it's annoying to have to try and go through all the standards and self-assess myself when I know they are only going to go through and change the wording anyway to make it sound worse... I don't share their lack of confidence in my abilities so how can they expect me to fill in the assessment form in the 3rd person pretending I'm them? I think my induction tutor is still hoping that I will 'see sense' and quit before Easter, so he is unlikely to fill in my form or organise an assessment meeting, and my mentor is off sick.
    Should I:
    • quit grumbling and get on with filling in my own assessment even though I dno't know which areas they think I'm not meeting the standards in?
    • tell my induction tutor that I'm not going to fill in my own form, risking annoying him?
    • do nothing and wait to be asked about it?
    I think the third option is my favourite at the moment, but what will happen if nobody fills in my form? Will I get in trouble or is it the school's responsibility?
    Lots of questions!
  2. The school cannot decide on an assessment without a proper assessment meeting. The school has a legal duty to deliver on its responsibilities according to the statutory guidance. You need help from your union so do contact them for help and advice on this.
    So they made you report on your own 'lack of progress'? Some may consider that to quite pervesre and a little sadistic. That is not right - you do not have the responsibility to fill in the assessment materials - that is a responsibility of the Head.
    If they feel you are not making progress they MUST get the head to observe and confirm the mentor's judgements and they must involve the LA. They must also state which standards you are not meeting and have a support and action plan in place to help you meet the standards, with targets and success criteria so that the school and you know if/when you are meeting the targets.
    This is a form of intimidation - you cannot 'fail' ypourself. If your mentor is ill they must provide a substitute mentor (unless this is a short term illness).
    You must contact your union rep and get specific help and advice. You need to read the guidance and make a note of all the things that the school/head/mentor are NOT doing that they should and you should provide evidence for all the things that you are doing that you should be doing.
    The full guidance is here: http://www.teachernet.gov.uk/_doc/12703/080623%20Induction%20Statutory%20Guidance.pdf

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