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Dear James - References

Discussion in 'New teachers' started by emmsee, Sep 11, 2011.

  1. emmsee

    emmsee New commenter

    Dear James,
    I completed two terms of my NQT induction at Easter 2009 and am currently working as a supply teacher, doing mostly daily general cover. I left my induction post because I was unhappy with the school and was not meeting all of the required standards.
    I now wish to start re-applying for jobs and know that usually I need to give two refrerees. The course leader from my PGCE year (2007 - 2008) has agreed to be a referee. When I left my induction post, I was told that I could use the head as a referee; however, that head retired not long after I left and I am not sure whether I should still put him down as a referee.
    I currently work for one agency, but I am not sure whether they would give me a reference or whether they would make an appropriate referee. About six months ago I did a few weeks supply in a school and it is possible the head of faculty may give me a reference.
    Any advice on who would be best to use as a referee would be much appreciated.
    Thank you,
  2. Some schools require a reference from your last employer - even if the Head has retired they would ask the current head and expect them to use either a reference on file or seek information from a senior member of staff who worked with you.
    I would also try to get an agreement from the other head you mention, there is no reason why you cannot supply three references and state that you are doing this due to the retirement of the head at the previous school.
  3. emmsee

    emmsee New commenter

    Thank you for your quick response! The other possible referee was not a head teacher but a head of faculty (the most senior person I had dealings with whilst on supply at that school). Would a head of faculty still be an acceptable referee or should they be a head teacher?
    Also, if the head has retired, do I still give the retired head's name or the name of the new head?

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