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Dear James reasons for failed school placement

Discussion in 'Trainee and student teachers' started by wheelsonfire1, Jun 21, 2011.

  1. Can a school placement be failed on the basis of a breakdown of relationship between mentor and trainee?
  2. Can a school placement be failed on the basis of a breakdown of relationship between mentor and trainee?
  3. johnblack

    johnblack New commenter

    <u>Yes,</u> although I think people on the forum would need more detail.
    Are you effectively saying that you:
    • Have all your planning in order
    • Teach "satisfactory +" lessons
    • Have good control of the classroom
    • Have always behaved in a professional manner
    • But your tutor has a personal vendetta against you causing them to seek to fail you.
    Because if this is the case and you have substantial evidence that your teaching and preperation has been atleast satisfactory then the answer would be no!
  4. Yes to planning, satisfactory lessons and good control of classroom.
    They are now saying I have not met Q7 and Q9
    - again can the placement be failed on the basis of the lack of those two standards?
  5. johnblack

    johnblack New commenter

    I would seriously review your paper work. Look at your meetings with your mentor, what targets did they set and how did you attempt to meet these targets in your lessons, document yoour attempts with evidence in the form of Lesson Plans, Lesson materials and if possible lesson observations.
    If you can find evidence that they suggested you make changes and you have tried to implement these changes then no they shouldn't be able to fail you.
    If they have not given you significant notice that these are inadequate then they shouldn't be able to fail you, it should be domething they brought up with you when they noticed it was a problem not the end of the palcement. As a mentor my self i would never attempt to fail any student without first.
    1) Having a documented evidence of a meeting where I discussed the issues with them
    2) If step one saw no result then I would look to inolve their university to help intervene
    3) if nothing changed I would look to fail them.
    If they have been taking steps like these against you, then you won't have much to stand on unless you can produce the evidence I suggested.
    If they haven't I would contact you course leader at university and explain the situation, uni will not be happy that they are trying to drop this on you in the last few weeks of your placement. To see you for 12ish weeks and then at the last moment attempt to fail you is mad. Speak to some one at uni and fight your corner.

  6. johnblack

    johnblack New commenter

    I don't think so. Unless they have a significant impact on your lessons meaning they remain inadequate.
  7. On my PGCE if you fail one of the standards on final placement then you fail the whole placement. So if you were graded as a four on Q7 or Q9 you would fail even if everything else was a 1.
  8. minnieminx

    minnieminx New commenter

    The students I mentor have to have at least satisfactory in every standard. Failing to meet two would mean a fail overall.
  9. Hi
    It is possible to fail to gain QTS is just one standard has not been met. Normally there is a process for identifying issues at as early a stage a possible and a support plan with targets put in place. If there has been no indication until the final report that there was an issue then you should look carefully at the policies and procedures in the PGCE handbook to see if they have been followed or not. You cannot appeal an academic judgement but you may appeal a fail if the placement procedures and procedures for failing a placement have not been followed.
    You need an urgent meeting with your tutor to discuss the issues and how the situation can be retrieved - usually a repeat placement.

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