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Dear James: Reading over the summer.

Discussion in 'New teachers' started by anon3150, Jul 22, 2011.

  1. So, having resigned from a school where I had a miserable NQT experience I thought it might be good to spend the long summer doing some reading to rebuild my confidence. (I've been off for four weeks already before you begin to worry about my over enthusiasm!) Anyone any recommendations of good solid stuff that balances theory and practice? How about this one? (link below) I'm determined to go in to my next school with buckets of self esteem so if I'm unlucky enough to encounter anymore intimidating / scary / bullying types I'll be better prepared to cope. Wish me luck! :)
  2. minnieminx

    minnieminx New commenter

    For summer holiday reading I intent to reread the Shopaholic series of trashy fluffy chick lit. Can highly recommend them all!

    However, for more academic stuff, my favourite at the moment is 'Pimp Your Lesson' look on Amazon for a good deal. I also like 'You CAN have a Calm Classroom' for ideas for creating the right environment.

    You probably already have all the essential teaching skills needed, just need a few good ideas to add to them. The 'Getting the b u g g e r s to....' are also a good series.
  3. I bought that one prior to my interview for my PGCE and found it helpful throughout. The style is quite "heavy" compared to other teaching books but it definitely helped me to work some things out!
    If you're worried about intimidating/bullying types in the future, have you thought of doing some reading on assertiveness specifically? Perhaps even something on calming/meditationif you feel this might help with confidence building?
    Best of luck and good on you for trying to change things!
  4. Hi, Sorry to hear about your experience. Hopefully you will find the right school soon enough! I'm reading 'The Lazy Teacher's Handbook' at the minute and I'm really enjoying it. I've also just finished my NQT year. I would also recommend that if you haven't already, join twitter as there is a huge network of really supportive teachers out there and it is a good place to seek advice and inspiration. I also liked to watch the teacher's TV videos as watching other's teach and hearing their feedback can give you good advice too! Good luck for the future and I hope things work out.


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