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Dear James... re. authorisation of holidays out of term time

Discussion in 'Trainee and student teachers' started by Alec2005, Jan 18, 2011.

  1. I think your headteacher is being very unreasonable. Your children are quite young, they are not missing SATs, it's only for 5 days and you have a genuine reason for the authorised absence. If the headteacher remains inflexible, I suggest you apply to the governing body (but you declare your interest and withdraw from the discussion).
    Your position with the LA should not be affected, as it's an internal matter between you and the head.
  2. This is always difficult, yes as teachers/trainees we must uphold the highest standards and lead the way. That said, we are also all human and just because we are teachers or even parent govenors we should not necessarily be disadvantaged (or our families). Ultimately heads do have the authority to grant an authorised absence - or refuse to authorise and yes, you can approach the governing body. I suspect that the head is worried about how such a request would look if granted (you know nudge nudge, it's because she is a govenor... but then again you say that othersie the requyest would have been granted.
    So, what to do.
    Personally I would approachg this from an educational opportunity perspective rather than a 'family holiday'. If the request is worded sucxh that the 'trip' would have educational benefits and that these canb be demonstrated given that you will be working in a French primary (could the pupils come at some point and mix with the children learn a little from French pupils/teachers??) And that they could bring back some benefit to the current pupils -perhaps a link between the older boy, his school and the school in France.
    Add to this that al;l requests, even those by parent govenors should, you feel be treated equally otherwis ethis could be seen as a case of discrimination.
    The wording of the request in educational terms helps the school (govenors and head) to grant this as they can - if anyone cares to challenge a future denied request by citing a granted request to you as not a 'holiday' but an educationally beneficial trip.
    Hope this helps

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