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Dear James - question about Masters credits

Discussion in 'Trainee and student teachers' started by sasm202, Sep 7, 2011.

  1. I have a question regarding the credits towards a Masters that some PGCE courses offer. Is it possible to transfer these credits to different universities? I'm currently trying to decide where to apply to for my PGCE, and I hope to then eventually do a Masters. I like the look of Oxford Brookes, but they don't give you the credits towards your Masters. But if I would have to go back to the same university as where I did my PGCE, which may not be a possibility, because I couldn't transfer the credits to a different university it may not be worth picking a university which offers the credits towards a Masters. I realise that I am probably planning too far ahead, but I don't want to pick a university then find I can't transfer the credits, and then start a Masters from scratch. Hope that all made sense!
  2. AFAIK, no hard-and-fast rule on this. It depends on the uni you want to do your Masters in, so you need to ask them. A few years ago when this M-level PGCE first came in, some unis were very keen for their students to do their Masters after PGCE, and there was some hard-sell and tempting offers like reduced fees and so on. I don't know what the situation is now or in near future, as higher education scene has changed dramatically since.
  3. The situation is still that other universities may or may not accept the credits. In some ways it will depend on how the credits were gained, e.g. if it was for an academic assignment for say 5000 words and you got 30 credits they may accept that. If the credits were for your teaching experience they may not.
    Universities are keen to gain M level students and some do offer APEL (accreditation of prior experience and learning) as well as actual M level credits so it is worth shopping around and contacting various institutions in your area for advice and help in what is a difficult area.

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