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Dear James (PTLLS advice)

Discussion in 'Trainee and student teachers' started by anon740, Dec 3, 2011.

  1. Hi Jessy

    Sorry to hijack the thread, James and Jessy but as I'm an FE qualified teacher who has also 'facilitated' on the Silver surfers course, I'd also like to help.

    First of, Jessy, the general advice on here is not to post things like CVs and lesson plans on here because posters like James can only give general help and do not have time to read these documents (this policy is a pain as I'd like help on this type of stuff at times too, but hey ho ;-)).

    Secondly, I wouldn't have bothered posting the lesson plan in any case, as your tutor said that this was good. It suggests to me that she has a problem with the delivery rather than the planning of the session. Did she mention anything in particular that she thought that you needed to work on, in order to 'pass' the lesson?

    Thirdly, no matter what the reason, it was rude of her to walk off without acknowledging you afterwards, especially as you're doing this on a voluntary basis and don't actually need to be doing any of this at all. You can walk out tomorrow (which I know you won't) and tell her to stuff the training and job etc, as it's obviously not for you and leave her to it, which I'm sure would really suit her! ;-)

    My suggestion is to pick a quiet time (before or after the lessons) and ask her to chat to you in more detail about what you need to do to improve, why she ignored you at the end of the session when you asked for further feedback and and how upset you were by her behaviour (in an assertive manner). Hopefully, she's a decent person and will hasten to apologise and reassure you. If not, I'd speak to the people's network manager (her boss) about the issue. If there's still no joy, pack it in and volunteer somewhere else because you're not being paid to worry about this kind of nonsense.

    By the way, I'm not an expert, but if you want to PM me for further ideas etc, feel free.

    Hope this post helps and good luck!
  2. Hi
    Planning for lessons and then delivering them and achieving learning in your students are two different things. Have you been given any instruction on how to plan?
    Your plan did not come out on the post, but I'm afraid that I can't provide individual feedback on plans as this is really a general forum for general advice.
    So you need to ask for feedback on your plan and observation and the observer should provide targets for you will help on how to achieve your targets.
  3. Jessy1234

    Jessy1234 New commenter

    I had feed back and I passed seconed time round. I had to set another task and ask leathers to work on their own. I also handed out prizes. If I decide to study CTLS I will go somewhere else. However as it's Christmas I will take a break from study and carry on volunteering and job searching.

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