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Dear James (problems with tutor)

Discussion in 'Trainee and student teachers' started by na87, Apr 4, 2011.

  1. am currently doing PGCE and I have some issues with my personal tutor at university.
    During my first placement I passed my first observation with my school mentor. I then had a second observation with my personal tutor( university tutor) which I failed. A misconception arose during my lesson where I was doing a survey with a group of children and I had accidently added six tallys when there were only five children, I added a extra tally because one child had voted twice during the session I told the child that he should'nt have voted twice however I did not repeat the survey. She said that my resources werent good enough because I had used work sheets for the high attainers , the class teacher had asked me to use worksheets with this group because they had to practice answering exam questions and they had exams the following week. I did show my resources to the school mentor and have written evidence that the school mentor had seen my resources and lesson plan prior to the session and she did not tell me that there was a problem. I can see that I made mistakes and I understand why I failed my observation however when I tried to explain to her thethe tutor that class teacher had observed me during my lessons and she had a high opinion,she told me she was'nt interested (the class teacher was ill when the university tutor had come to the school and therfore could not give her opinion on how I work on a day to day basis). The tutor asked that I was observed again by the school and she had a meeting with the school mentor. After this meeting I approached the mentor and asked her what would happen and she said she planned on failing me because she did not want to contradict the tutor. Prior to my next observation lesson I showed the school mentor my lesson plan and resources and we discussed how I should differentiate. I met the university tutor before the lesson as she had approached me while I was photocopying and she asked me if I was nervous and I hesitated she then said 'You should be'. During the lesson with the school mentor I failed the observation, the mentor said my resources were'nt good enough and that I differentiated via outcome. She had seen my lesson plan and resources and told me how to differentiate and I do have wriiten evidence that she had seen me two days prior to the lesson. I had diffrentiated my learning objectives and success criteria for the high and low attainers. I know that I should have alerted the university about how my mentor had seen my resources prior to the lesson however at this point it was evident that the univeristy tutor was not going to support me she even told me that I should be nervous and I don't see how that is a constructive comment to make. The university tutor was now aware that I had failed my placement and she had the opportunity to come back to the school to observe me again howvever she refused saying that she did'nt want to put me underpressure. I was then told by the university that if I failed my second placement I would be asked to leave the course however I passed my second placement and the school mentor at my second placement said 'that either you have dramatically improved or your observations at your previous placement were unjust' (I had a different university tutor for my second placement). I had passed my second placement despite the fact that my sister had died in January. I have now been told by the university that even though I have passed my second placement I have to have an early review because I am repeating the placement I failed earlier on in the year. I feel as if my personal tutor was not very supportiveand she could have prevented me from failing my first placement and as a result I have been put 'underpressure' for the remainder of the year. I spoke to the NUT and they said that her behaviour towards me is questionable and that this tutor should not observe me again and I should ask the university for another personal tutor. I have been told that my personal tutor might be my link tutor for my final placement and if this is the case how can I approach the university about my concerns without being victimised by them?
  2. Hi James
    Thanks for the reply, however I think that if I approach the Head of ITE than it would still be obvious that I have a problem with the tutor. My personal tutor asked the Head of ITE and another senior staff member if she should observe me again as she felt I would be put 'underpressure' and they told her not to. So they may feel that I am questioning their actions too.
  3. Hi
    I had a meeting with my professional studies tutor and I have been informed that I have been allocated a different tutor for my final placement and therefore my personal tutor will not be my link tutor :)

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