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Dear James (OTT doing PGCE)

Discussion in 'Trainee and student teachers' started by topina, Apr 15, 2011.

  1. topina

    topina New commenter

    Dear James,
    I am an overseas qualified teacher(non EEA countries) and had 7 year full-time teaching experience. I recently got a
    Secondary PGCE place at the University for the 2011 entry and was wondering if I
    successfully gain QTS at the end of the course, am I exempt from
    the induction year to be a NQT? If so, is there any different procedure I should
    follow in order to do that, such as collecting the evidence against the core
    standards etc.
    Many thanks for your reply!!

  2. Hi]You can only gain exemption from induction if you gain QTS via the OTT route and you are assessed for QTS and induction at the same time. Unfortunately if you are doing a full PGCE then you cannot get exemption (I have had this confirmed in writing from the GTCE) and you would have to pass induction if you wish to teach in the state and state-maintained sector.
  3. As it's very difficult to find a school willing to support you for OTTP, I suggest you stick to your PGCE and get an inductable post upon graduation.
  4. topina

    topina New commenter

    Hi James and Alec,
    Indeed, it's very difficult to find a school willing to support me for doing OTTP (have found one before but they changed their mind for unknown reason..), I guess I will just stick to the PGCE and hopefully find a school after that...
    Thanks for the information and advice!


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