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Dear James NQT Who Will Not Finish NQT Year - Job Application Advice

Discussion in 'NQTs and new teachers' started by SmileyNash, May 23, 2011.

  1. I am a NQT that has been advised to negotiate an early termination of my 3rd term rather than run this risk of failing and not being able to teach. I was notified of a potential to fail after term 2. It's a long story, but essentially it's an all too familiar case it would seem of a difficult class and lack of support from an uncaring mentor in a school that went in to special measures after my appointment. LA visited, observed a lesson which was fine but said despite the reality of the situation in terms of lack of support etc, the school has all its paperwork in order which says they are providing lots of help and I would be unlikely to win any appeal to the GTC if I failed and may not get any extension due to extenuating circumstances either. The situation at the school is horrific in terms of politics and backstabbing and I have no confidence or trust that I will be effectively supported and treated fairly to enable me to pass. I have contacted my union and am awaiting their advice as to how to proceed. Meantime, needless to say I am now thinking of applying for other jobs (not jobs which specifically say not NQTs.) Should I advise any potential employer that I will likely not pass my NQT year this term? I want to be upfront about things, but then if I am, I am already probably adversely affecting my chances of getting a position. If I don't, and I am successful in getting a post, then assuming I do exit my current contract early and do not pass or fail, any new school will be getting a NQT rather than a teacher who has passed induction which is what they would have been expecting. What would you advise here please?

  2. littlemissraw

    littlemissraw Occasional commenter

    You'll have to put your current head as a reference so you'll have to think about what will get said and think about what you will say. I've not mentioned needing to do my third term just the completion of 2 terms (but then I've only had one interview so maybe I'm wrong) x
  3. I'm glad you contacted the union and you need to get their inpiut and advice.
    As your school went into special measures then your move to another school could be seen as a natural move - many staff do leave when schools slip into SM for many reaosns and not just because they are 'failing' - sometimes the opposite.
    You need to be accurate about your time - so you have completed two terms (terms 1 and 2 are neither passed nor failed, simply completed. You can state that due to the move to SM and difficulties over support etc. you decided to resign from your current post to enable you to complete term three at a fresh school not on SM.
    Clearly the paperwork will follow you so you need to be honest about the lack of progress in term two, but set in the context of a school slipping into SM it may be less negative.
    Do take union and LA advice and ask the union to negotiate a leaving reference for you.

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