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Dear James - NQT "return to work"

Discussion in 'New teachers' started by jubilee, May 12, 2011.

  1. jubilee

    jubilee Star commenter

    The sick leave year runs from April to April. As you started your job last September(?) you are now in your 2nd entitlement year for sick leave.
    The days mentioned in the sick leave are school days. If it says 25 days, it allows you 5 term time school weeks on full pay and 5 term-time school weeks on half pay. The weekends do not get counted in the 25 (or whatever) days.
    As for Inductiion, you only serve the missing days from work at the end of the original finish date for Induction IF you were absent for 30 school days or more.
    29 school days away from work or fewer and Induction can be signed off at the planned date.
    You will return to work when your doctor signs you as being fit to return.
    Don't overdo the future planning at this stage. rest, sleep, eat well and wait until you feel back to normal befor e tackling work issues.
  2. Hi
    Normally weekends don't count, it is usually work days only. Logically, if you were ill and off work, but fekt better on a Saturday you could be fit for work on a Sunday - but schools don't open on a Sunday, therefore you would have a 'sick day' counted when you were well. I'd be surprised if your contract counted weekends - if it does refer it to your union for advice.
    If you have been off for some time then you should have a return to work interview with the school and an occupational health professional and the school must ensure that your return to work does not trigger any further problems and issues for you. It should make reasonable adjustments to allow you to get back into full working mode. How you get back into work then is a discussion between you, the school and perhaps a OH professional and then an agreed plan.
    For induction the LA can reduce induction by up to 29 days in exceptional circumstances provided you otherwise meet all of the induction standards. They may also decide to extend induction to make up for lost days due to illness.

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