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Dear James (nqt observations)

Discussion in 'NQTs and new teachers' started by sa223, Nov 7, 2011.

  1. sa223

    sa223 New commenter

    I've had one observation (carried out by the head) already this half term, I have dates for a further three observations before half term (again with the head) confirmed and am told that I will have one more (date tbc but obs to be carried out by an SLT) on top of that this half term alone. Is it normal for an nqt to undergo so many observations?

    The feedback I've had from the observations to date has been positive.
  2. Hi
    There is a minimum number of formasl observations that should take place for NQTs on induction - roughly one every half term. If you are to have another 4 observations between now and the end of term that that is way above the expected minimum for NQT induction. It is the case that the head has the right to carry out observations, but I have to wonder what doing so many will achieve.
    If all they are doing is observing and giving superficial feedback then that would be counterproductive. If they were short fpocussed observations that set targets and success criteria and built on one another to see progress in some area or another perhaps I could see why so many, but if this is indicative of the norm then frankly they are, in my opinion, over observing and and I can't quite see what they expect to achieve in doing so many. It's a bit like testing testing testing - at some point ypou actually have to do some teaching so that there is actually something new to test.
    You don't fatten a pig by weighing it all the time and you don;t get better teachers by watching them all the time.
    See if this is athe norm for other staff in the school or you could just ask if the SLT etc. have a specific focus that they are tracking and if so, then you could ask for the long term plan for what they are looking to see and if they could ensure they provide targets after each observation with specific SMART targets and success criteria.
  3. Very interesting post and thanks for the clarity too, James. I too am in a similar situation, whereby I had 3 observations before half term and have had 2 since returning, with another 3 before the end of this half term. Like the previous poster, I too am getting good feedback, often with the observer not really giving any points for further development. I shall investigate the situation at school further!

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