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Dear James - NQT Induction Period

Discussion in 'NQTs and new teachers' started by fjm1702, Dec 2, 2011.

  1. Hi James
    I'm currently on a 0.52 post. I assumed that it would take me two years on this contract to complete my induction period, however, I work 4 days a week and also attend parent evenings/open evenings once a month on my day off. As the induction is for a period of so many days, is this based on full time days? Does that make sense?
    If it is going to take two years, how do the reports/observations work? By the end of this term, I will have had three observations.
    Any help/advice would be great.

  2. jubilee

    jubilee Star commenter

    It's based on f/t days so it's your contract percentage that dictates the length of your Induction period.
    The LA should calculate when each Induction term will be completed. It will take you fractionally under 2 years if your contract doesn't increase.
    You should be paid extra for any work on a day when you are not timetabled to be at work. It's worth asking the LA Induction advisor if those extra days can be counted for Induction. You should also be able to have the days counted if you are employed to teach on your usual day off (covering a staff absence) but only if it's at your contract school.
    3 observations by the end of a school term seems overkill based on a 0.52 contract. A full-timer should be observed at least once per half term; you should be observed at least once per term! Your first Induction paperwork should be completed a couple of weeks before the end of the Spring term
  3. Induction is based on full time days at work so your 0.52 contract will take just under two years to complete. The LA will be able to provide you with an acurate date for completioin if you provide them with your contract percentage and starting date.
    If you attend parent evenings on your day off then you should be paid for that time and that time could, in theory count towards induction and so reduce the time taken to complete - you would need to count up the paid hours and feed that into the calculation.
    The observations and reports are also done pro-rata so agaion the LA should set the dates for reports to be completed and on average you would get 1 observation per term over the two years to make six in total - this would be the minimum, though other observations could be undertaken at the discretion of the SLT.

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