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Dear James, NQT Evidence

Discussion in 'NQTs and new teachers' started by neeny468, Mar 19, 2011.

  1. neeny468

    neeny468 New commenter


    I have read through a number of threads that seem to say that I do not need to be completing a hugely comprehensive evidence file against the C standards for my NQT year. However they also seem to suggest that my LA and school could have their own rules when it comes to evidence and I was hoping you could confirm.

    It has been a little confused from September as to exactly what the school wants me to do in terms of evidence, initially I was under the impression we did not need evidence for each individual standard, then it was one piece for each standard and now they have said they want 3 pieces of evidence against each standard, just like for QTS. I am slightly annoyed as I have not been collecting evidence in this way for the first half of the year and despite having put together a self review document recording a selection my evidence against each standard it is going to take me a while to actually put together a physical file.

    I am not sure if they have asked for this because they do not realise we do not have to collect this much evidence as NQT's... or whether they have been told by the LA that we have to... is there any chance I can go to them and say I am not collecting this much physical evidence or do I have to go by what they ask for?

    thank you
  2. littlemissraw

    littlemissraw Occasional commenter

    I don't know if you can tell them your not... all I can say is that I also had to. Sorry! x
  3. nemo.

    nemo. Occasional commenter

    Hi well all I did was to use the standards tracker to record evidence. This with the 6 observations, meeting notes and termly submissions made up a pack to hand in. I also had a file with the c's numbered with evidence filed in it. No need to be as thorough as qts and many I just had one piece of evidence. I handed that in to the school who keeps that in case it is audited. The evidence was fir example handouts from courses with my scribbles on them, copies of things I had read etc etc. Many c's come from observations or meeting notes like talked to parents etc.

    Not that onerous or time consuming.
  4. neeny468

    neeny468 New commenter

    thank you for your responses.. I guess the answer is that it varies.. I have been told by my nqt induction tutor that it is my LA that have requested we have 3 pieces of physical evidence in a folder for each of the c standards and that apparently this is the same for all schools under their jurisdiction.. but having talked to nqt's at other schools in my area I am still not sure that this is the case they all seem to think they only need 1 piece minimum... plus the information pack for nqt's that is available from my LA's website does not say anything as specific as 3 pieces (although I did only skim read the tens of pages in the document!) anyway guess I just have no choice.. so looking forward to Easter holidays and all that filing I will be doing! :S

    James if you do have an expert view that would be great, I have read posts you have answered on this topic from a couple of years back but would like 2011 confirmation if possible. I know requirements seem to change all the time!


  5. Hi
    The situation is not cut and dried. There is no official requirementb to collect evidence. I suugest to all my trainees that they do compile a portfolio, but the LA can insist on its own requirements being met. At the start of induction it should have been spelled out to you exactly what the requirements were by the school and the LA. I would contact the LA adviser and ask why you were not told and what the minimum requirement is.

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