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Dear James - Moving abroad during NQT Year

Discussion in 'New teachers' started by clairem100, Aug 21, 2011.

  1. Hi,
    I completed my Primary PGCE this year and have obtained my first post for September. Over the summer, my partner has also accepted a job in Australia which means I will be moving out there early in the new year for approx 2 years (very bad timing I know!).
    I have made the school aware and they are understandably disappointed but have said I can work for 1 term until Christmas. I just want to check how this affects my NQT year- am I right in thinking that I can 'bank' the 1 term and complete the remaining 2 terms when I come back to the UK?
    Also, if for some reason the school asked me to finish before Christmas, for example, if they found a replacement quickly and wanted them to start asap, would I just have to start the whole NQT year again when I came back? I'm worried completing less than a whole term would count as some sort of 'fail'.
    Finally, is anyone aware of the rules regarding teaching in Australia without completing NQT?? E.g. can you complete induction there? Or do supply?
    Any advice much appreciated! x
  2. jubilee

    jubilee Star commenter

    You will bank the first term even if the verdict is that you are not making satisfactory progress towards meeting the standards.
    When you return you will be able to undertake the remaining 2 Induction terms. There is no time limit for completing Inductioon.
    There is a limit on how long you can be employed on non-Induction supply; it's 16 months, starting from the first day of non-Induction teaching. If you use up the 16 month 'window' andstill haven't completed Induction, you can apply to the LA for special permission to carry on taking non-Induction supply. They may grant you an extension of up to 12 months.
    When the allowances are used up, you have to stop teaching in the State compulsory sector until you find an Induction post (permanent or temporary).
    You cannot complete Induction in Australia as they do not teach the UK National Curriculum and you cannot be assessed in Australia on meeting the core standards for a teacher in the UK system.
    Some schools abroad will only employ UK teachers if they have already passed through the UK Induction hurdle and some prefer you to have at last 2 years of teaching experience.

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