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Dear James .. missing PGCE due to illness and dont know what to do!

Discussion in 'Trainee and student teachers' started by jes1marnie, Nov 26, 2011.

  1. hello
    I started my PGCE in September and it was going well and I was enjoying it.
    After Easter I became ill with fainting, exhaustion and weakness, which can prevent me from walking, and have now missed 4 out of 6 weeks of my first placement I am due to be back in university led sessions next week and my Dr has advised me to head back but on a gradual basis which the university are fine with and say I can still continue with the course despite the time missed.
    This is great but I'm still not feeling well enough to cope with going back I live alone and away from family so will have no support, at the moment I'm staying at home and getting help with most tasks so consider this to be very daunting. I am unable to drive as I don't trust myself not to faint. I am improving but very slowly and I don't see myself being back to full health over the 3 weeks left before Christmas.
    My family suggest I should leave the course move back home and start again (possibly nearer home) next year, but I cannot find any information about the financial implications of this as the bursary and tuition fees will change in the mean time.
    I am doing a maths pgce, so receiving the full bursary at the moment and am nearly 3 payments in.
    I got a 2.2 in my degree, I don't know if this is relevant to the bursary payments.

    I am also worried about the implications of stopping and starting on my future employability as the Dr does not have a diagnoses yet.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated as the stress is not helping me recover!

    Thanks J
  2. Hi J,
    It's great that your uni are being supportive. If I were you I would not stop now. How did the 2 weeks of your placement go? Have you been told you will need to re-do the placement at some other time?
    I had to stop my final placment due to illness. I was 20 days from qualifying. I was heart broken. I got mitigating circumstances due to ilness - do you have this? If you have this then you do NOT have to pay to retake the school experience.
    I would go back to classes at uni but take it easy (easier said than done). Read, read and read. There are a lot of assignments I know, but if you got onto a PGCE course you are intelligent enough to pass them even if you are not feeling right. If you give up you wil regret it x
    P.s - Did you have any ear trouble ?- sounds a bit like what I had - Viral labrynthitis.x
    If you'd like to PM me feel free.... xx
  3. You are at a time of significant change in ITT. The options seem to be; take an agreed break from studies (intercalation/intermission)and return to the course next year to pick up - this may mean a OH assessment which will decalre you fit to return. Or withdraw completely and re-apply. This means coming under the new arrangements and the class of degree you have will be important. It may mean a lower bursary oreven no bursary at all forsome course, so it really does depend on which course you are on. If it is secondary physics or chemistry then a 2:2 degree would mean a bursary of £12K for biology - no bursary at all. For primary a 2:2 next year also means no bursary.
    From a bursary point of view for this year what you ahev received does not need to be paid back if you leave. If you intermit then normally the bursary stops and the remainder re-instated when you return.
    What is not clear as yet is what happens if someone intermits this academic year to come back next - it may well be that they simply pick up on bursary where they left off. That said ithey may have to meet the new teaching standards rather than complete on the old ones - until we are given detailed guidance on transition for existing trainees I can't say for certain what will happen. Whatever, you do need to talk to your tutor to see what the best option for you is.

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