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dear james: maternity cover = no nqt time?

Discussion in 'NQTs and new teachers' started by danniatkinson, Jan 6, 2011.

  1. Hello!
    I have posted on here before about me having no nqt time on my timetable. i brought this up today (first day back) and apparently 'i may not be entitled to it' as i am doing a maternity cover for a year and i have just taken over the ladys timetable. They also said who will take the extra 2 lessons if i dont do them because i need my nqt time? Well, surely shouldnt they have discussed this before i was employed?
    Is this right!? This means i will have no nqt time during my nqt year!!!? surely that isnt right? wether im doing a maternity cover or not, surely i still have the same rights as any nqt??? (a reduced timetable!)
    please someone confirm that im right! im sure i am!
  2. littlemissraw

    littlemissraw Occasional commenter

    You are. NQT time is a legal requirement.x
  3. You are still entitled to nqt time. They should really give you the time. I worked in a school where because of the snow, the teachers were told they were not going to have ppa time, but the only teachers allowed it were the nqts.
  4. Hi if a school decides to replace a non NQT post with a NQT, then they must arrange to reduce the timetable to allow for the NQT time. This is not discretionary, it is a statutory entitlement. If the school cannot provide the full NQT statutory entitlement then they should not have offered the post to a NQT.

    The NQT time does not have to be provided in a regular weekly slot so they could be inventive and provide you with blocks of NQT time every so often that will add up to the 10% reduction, however this should be discussed and agreed in advance and you must ensure that the time is then not diverted away from NQT matters.

  5. I am a primary NQT and I have applied for a long term supply post. Is the school legally obliged to support my induction if it is a temporary and not permanent post? I was considering a different long term post a while ago but they said from the outset that they would not support my induction year. Is there a different set of guidelines for temporary and permanent?
  6. Hi. If the post lasts for at least a term in length, no matter if it is full time, part time, temporary or permanent, then the school must register you as an NQT on induction and provide all the support and reductions as per the statutory guidance. It is not up to the school to pick and choose on this matter. If they cannot. Support induction then they should not offer the post to a NQT. James
  7. Thankyou James! I try very hard to make sure I am aware of my obligations and up to date with current legislation but I do rely on those with more experience to guide me a little. It was, unsurprisingly, a supply agency that were arranging my interview to discuss a long term supply without induction! I decided it was not beneficial for me to waste a term without induction but it now appears this was more by luck than design!

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