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Dear James - lessons seem rather high

Discussion in 'Trainee and student teachers' started by beathhail, Jan 14, 2011.

  1. Dear James,

    As I limp towards the end of placement one I'm somewhat concerned at the number of hours I'm currently teaching.
    You mention that 8 hours is typical for placement 1 rising in placement 2 in-

    My university told us to count tutorial time and that we should be doing 50 pct of normal teaching hours, what they fudged their way around was what that amount of time would actually amount to.
    Current lessons/ week work out at 11 hours solo, 4 hours team teaching and 5x45 min tutorial sessions; this coupled with an hour's drive each way and the lack of a SoW and hence re-inventing the wheel for every lesson has left me at the end of my rope.
    I'd elaborate on lack of a SoW but anyone who was interested could work out exactly which school it is if I said more, (not that anyone would really care :) )
    Many thanks
  2. You need to look at your handbook to see what the provider recommends. It will vary a lot from place to place. With us the 8 hours is just teaching and many of our students will also be doing some ta support, tutorials, clubs or after school activities. So there is a difference bewptween teaching contact, contact (tutorials) and non contact.
    There is not statutory regulation about what you should teach in each placement, but where s students have long journeys, are under stress, then talking through issues with your tutor and mentor could get you a reduction in your timetable commitments. It is a difficult balance to strike, as we need you to be ready for your NQT year and the demands of that but we don't want to crush you in the process. My advice would be to talk the issues through with your tutor and mentor and shee if adjustments can be made. James

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