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Dear James: leave now or wait til summer?

Discussion in 'NQTs and new teachers' started by msloops, Mar 12, 2011.

  1. Hello James,
    My induction tutor told me yesterday that I'm likely to fail my NQT year. He recommended that I leave at Easter, without completing a 2nd assessment, so that I have 2 terms of my NQT year left - longer to get myself established and pass my NQT in another school.
    My other option is to stay til the summer term, and then if I'm still not passing, leave just before the 3rd assessment.
    From their point of view they'd rather I left now (he said they're worried about the kids in my classes - apparently the reason I'm failing is that my relationships with my classes aren't right.)
    I think if I do stay it'll take something extraordinary to convince them I'm good enough - I thought I'd pass this term, made progress and got 2s and 3s on lesson observations but they're basing this on a more general feeling about the relationships that exist between me and my classes. I am also worried that if I stay they will adopt a "we told her so" attitude and not bother to support me to pass. (That makes the school sound awful - they're not - but I do feel they have made up their minds about me and want rid.)
    I spoke to my NUT rep yesterday and he explained my options but didn't really question the school's judgement of me as likely to fail. He seemed to say it was up to the school and there was not much I could do about that.
    - Is it true that it's easier to pass NQT in a 2nd school if you have 2 terms left?
    -Which would look worse to a potential 2nd employer - an NQT who left at Easter with only 1 term of NQT (and a 'may not pass' assessment on that), or an NQT who left a few days before the end of the summer term with 2 'may not pass' assessments?
    - Does the school have any extra obligation regarding supporting me in the 3rd term of induction?
    -Is it acceptable for them to say I'm set to fail based on a general sense that my classes don't respect me and don't treat me like a teacher, rather than telling me which standards I'm not meeting and helping me to meet them?
    Thank you

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