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Dear James - Interview panic!

Discussion in 'NQTs and new teachers' started by DB9required, May 8, 2011.

  1. Dear James, or anyone else that can help (!)

    After far too many applications I finally have an interview for a KS1 (NQT) teaching post. This will be my second. Feedback from the last one was positive.... but I still didn't get the job.

    My question is: how do I make my 20min Letter & Sounds lesson stand out from the crowd??

    I am heading towards a review of the previous phonemes/graphemes. Then teach the 'new' grapheme, to practise I am planning on playing buried treasure. To apply can they answer questions that are on a card (with yes or no answers). I would use the apply session to assess the children.

    Is buried treasure too obvious??? I am intending to play this with the resources that I have made instead of using ICT (the school are trying to move away from using ICT during literacy reading activities).

    My second question, about the 2nd part of the interview (if I am not being too cheeky!) is: how do I prepare for a presentation (audience & topic to be advised on the day)? This terrifies me as I am not usually very good at talking about things I don't feel prepared for....

    Thank you!
  2. Have a clear objective for your phonics session. Make sure the activities are engaging for all involved and none of the children are passive. Ensure progression and keep a good pace in those 20 minutes.

    As for the presentation, can't offer much advice other than when preparing it on the day think of a clear opening, middle and conclusion.
  3. Thank you pff for the advice, particularly regarding the unseen presentation!
  4. Not much to add, good advice from flip flop.
    As for the presentation it will probably be about your communication skills for about your eye contact, clear communication but also about thinking on your feet (nearly). So try not to garble words, be clear and concise, make eye contact with the auidence but don't stare. Do pause for breadth.
  5. Middlemarch

    Middlemarch Star commenter

    To add the headteacher's perspective to the advice about the interview presentation - if you can, try not to 'script' it too much. The best impressions have been made on me by candidates who do not 'read' (from notes of cards), but who are able to speak from the heart.
    If you're allowed to use a flip chart (for example - or PowerPoint), design one, single 'page' with a mindmap style diagram containing your 'cue' words.

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