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Dear James ... informal school visit.

Discussion in 'Trainee and student teachers' started by fleecymango, Feb 1, 2011.

  1. I am visiting a school tomorrow! eeekk
    I will be shown around by some year 6 children.
    I am currently in lectures (and writing this in my lunch break) but could you offer some advice.
    What kind of questions do you think they would ask?
    What kind of questions should I have prepared?
    I was thinking of wearing what I would wear to school on a school day but I am not sure if that is smart enough. (Brown woolen trousers, with a stripey shirt.)??
    Any more advice would be great. Feeling tres nervous!
    Thank you.
  2. fantastischfish

    fantastischfish Established commenter

    Dress professionally and ask any questions you need to to ascertain what sort of school it is.
    Whilst this 'informal' (it never is completely informal) visit will allow the school to see if you might fit in, it's also your chance to see if the school would suit you. What do you want to know? Personally, I'd be asking the children the following things:
    - Do you enjoy coming to school here?
    - What do you like learning about best? (might give you an insight into if the school engages the children).
    - Do you get lots of homework?
    I wouldn't ask to much, because they are only children and it just feels wrong to 'use' them to find out insider information. Don't ask question about individuals such as "Is your headteacher strict?" because a) they'll reprot this back when the HT ask them about you and b) they are hand-picked children so their response isn't likely to be negative anyway.
    As for questions you might want to ask a member of staff:
    - What sort of support is available for NQTs in the school? Would I be able to attend courses etc to support my induction?
    - What extra-curricular activities are there that I could get involved with? (let's you see what the schooll's like AND shows you are willing to get stuck in).
    - What is the school doing to promote reading/writing/boys achievement/literacy/numercy (insert current buzz word here)?
    - What are the school's overall targets over the next year or so? What is the school hoping to achieve (if you get interviewed, you can explain how you can help achieve these goals).
    - Does the school have a policy on staff welfare and work:life balance?
    Basically, ask questions that show willingness and interest, but nothing that could be deemed offensive, or answers which could be found elsewhere (most recent OfSted report, for instance) as this makes you appear lazy and unprepared.

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