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Dear James...induction query.

Discussion in 'NQTs and new teachers' started by zippycfb, Jan 12, 2012.

  1. zippycfb

    zippycfb New commenter

    I've finally secured a maternity post, starting 27th January, which as an NQT means I can also start my induction. The post is likely to last until the end of the summer term so my query is exactly how much induction will I get under my belt? Obviously I will be there for just under 2 terms but will only one of the full terms count towards my induction? I'm hoping the rest of it won't be a waste and will count towards something, even if I can get just one and a half terms out of the way.
  2. Induction is made up of 195 days so when yoyur mentor sends your final report through school, they will fill in the number of days you have conpleted and the number of days you've been off work, not the number of full terms.
  3. jubilee

    jubilee Star commenter

    Even if the NQT is at the same school for an entire academic year, the school would be filling in and sending off Induction paperwork after the completion of each term. The final one would only be done at the end of the year if the NQT had been absent for 29 days or fewer.
    The OP will be at the schoolo from 27th January until the start of the summer break. the school will do obeservations and will submit Term 1 Induction paperwork approximately 4 weeks into the Summer term.
    Induction term 2 will then start and will not be sceduled for completion until the 4th week of the Autumn term 2012. If the OP is no longer teaching there in the Autumn term, because the maternity leave teacher has returned and no other post has been offered at the school to the OP, the school will not be bale to assess an incomplete term 2 of Induction and no paperwork will make its way to the LA. The OP will leave with one Induction term completed and will need a new placement for starting Induction term 2 again.
  4. zippycfb

    zippycfb New commenter

    Thanks for this [​IMG]
  5. zippycfb

    zippycfb New commenter

    Been into the school today and met the lady who I am taking over. She has liaised with HR and her intentions are to come back a couple of days before the Christmas holdays so I'm over the moon that I can get two terms of induction completed (hopefully!) Shame I can't squeeze the 3rd one in but never mind because what I originally thought would be a 6 month job has turned into nearly a year. I'm still appyling for permanant September posts which the school are aware of so we'll see what happens.
  6. jubilee

    jubilee Star commenter

    You might well manage to complete the entire Induction as long as you don't have many (or any) days off work. The LA might approve a reduction in time served on Induction as long as it is 29 school days or fewer.
    You may also benefit from the proposed new regs for NQTs that would allow shorter Induction periods.

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