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Dear James - Induction Query

Discussion in 'NQTs and new teachers' started by rugby_gal06, Dec 1, 2011.

  1. I started working at a school at the end of September and I have been there on supply ever since.
    The school were going to put me on induction, but they are still waiting for the LA to get back to them (they were contacted them just after half term).
    I currently teach part time, but I am given plans to teach from for all but one of the subjects I cover.
    The other one I plan myself. Can I be put on induction on this basis? Or would it only count for the one subject that I plan and teach?
    I am due to continue at the school after xmas, but I need to know whether they can/need to place me on induction as I would have been for a term. My supply time runs out after xmas too.
    I have read the NQT guidance on induction, but I can't seem to find the answers.
  2. If you post lasts at least one term in length then by law you must be placed on induction. So if you should have started the one term post after half term and it runs to the Feb half term at least then that is one term and you should be placed on induction. The time prior to this will not count if the school did not know and could not predict that the post would carry on.
    Provided the job allows you to carry out all the duties that a teacher normally does then that should qualify as an induction post. the LA is the body who confirms this. The Head has a legal responsibility to register you and from what you say they are trying, but they must get the LA to respond as time on induction cannot be backdated. The problem at present is that you have now been working for nearly a half term and the LA should have been placing you on their register for induction. The Head needs to have words with the LA abot their lack of contact.


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