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Dear James, In a perm contract but got a leadership interview for maternity

Discussion in 'New teachers' started by Silent85, May 23, 2011.

  1. Silent85

    Silent85 New commenter

    I am a NQT and due to a few factors I applied for a leader of department role. I have been called to interview however it is to cover long term maternity. So I am scared of giving up a perm job for a long term cover (effectively) assuming I even get the job that is.

    Any words of wisdom?
  2. minnieminx

    minnieminx New commenter

    I wouldn't give up a permanent post for a temporary one in this day and age.

    If you are desperately unhappy where you are, then maybe think about it. but not for any other reason at all.
  3. Ultimately, only you can decide if the move is right for you and the risk is worth it.
    Clearly, you can go for interview and if things do not feel right pull out or declare that you would not accept the post (citing the cover aspect over a permanent job). However this will clearly signal to the current school that you are looking to move at some point.

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