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Dear James I'm on cause for concern on PGCE secondary placement & need your advice plz

Discussion in 'Trainee and student teachers' started by James_Williams, Mar 24, 2010.

  1. Hi
    I'm sorry that things are not going o well for you at present. Normally in a university programme there is a chance of retrieval if an element of the course is failed. I'm surprised that there is one chance and one chance only to pass this placement. Do look carefully at the regulations.
    A pass or fail must be on the evidence and proper procedures need to be carried through. From what you say it sounds as if the right procedure is being followed, but do check on the outcome and what possible representations could be made to an exam board for a resit of a placement.
    As for what is happening now, you should have been set targets and there should have been support put in place - extra help and/or training from the school/uni to help you address the issues.
    Ultimately, legally you can apply for teacher training again even if you fail BUT the chances of getting on a course/GTP place with recorded fail is very small. Also a provider may not be bale to claim bursary payments for you (or may not recommend that you are provided with a bursary) and a local authority may not help paying part of the fees. If you are prepared to fully finance your own PGCE it's possible but then you have the problem of getting a provider to agree to take you.
    A withdrawal now would avoid a fail, but you would still have to get another provider to agree to take you (or a school for GTP).
    You need to contact your tutor and have a really frank talk about your position and prospects as well as a definitive outline of the options open to you (e.g. a resit) only then can you really take anb informed decision.
  2. I failed a PGCE course and later passed at another uni a few years later. I know I was very lucky. Taking time out to get lots of relevant experience helped. I'm in my second year of teaching now.
  3. I studied a PGCE starting in Sept but later withdrew in April with not much time left remaining to complete the course was even recommended by the Uni.

    Feedback from Oct-Dec was spot on, feedback from Jan-March was 75% ok, I had some areas highlighted; time management, keep on topic; the usual suspects.

    However, in April much to my shock, my mentor & the school-uni liaison officer had composed a dossier without my knowledge to oust me (failings I was never aware of-and therefore could never resolve); even though face2face the mentor told me in our weekly meetings things had been progressing good & that feedback I had been each week was being implemented continuously, no problems!

    When I mentioned the in-outs to the uni personnel they recommemded moving school; yet completely oblivious that the school had perpetrated what would be a constructive fail, even though each week I asked for feedback and 'if there had been any issues with my performance', the reply given was always NO.

    Long story short; I was given the choice to withdraw & return at a later date or change school which would mean working two weeks of summer & from Sept-Dec again.

    I withdrew, no-one was there to help me even though I threatened to get the union involved (I never got the chance to speak to a union rep as once the school decided to oust me all happened fast), and the Uni eventually took the side of the school as not to jeopardise future partnerships.

    I've worked in Industry (never seen such behaviour before) and I was more than shocked to see or have this happen whilst studying!

    Question; can I reapply elsewhere? will I get all funding/bursary etc? Or have I been screwed completely.

    Thanks in advance.
  4. If you have withdrawn from your PGCE then you can re-apply to another provider, but clearly there will be concerns over the previous course/outcome.
    You may need to talk directly to an admissions tutor to talk through your experiences and ask for advice on applications to the course.
  5. Anonymous

    Anonymous New commenter

    can failed pgce student apply again?

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