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Dear James - I have QTS can I only apply for NQT positions?

Discussion in 'New teachers' started by anon1008, Feb 22, 2012.

  1. Dear James Could you clarify something for me? Is it possible for someone with QTS to hold or apply for a teaching position in a school if its not actually an NQT post.

    This is my situation:

    I was informed in November 2010, that I could no longer work as a Supply teacher as my 16/18 month supply teaching period was fully completed. I however was told that I could apply for a further extension with no guarantees that it would be given ( I didn't bother).

    I have a BA Hon?s with QTS in Primary Education (4-11yrs) and with SEN as my subject Specialism, all awarded in Feb 2009. I however have been informed (Nov 2010) that I can only apply for NQT teaching posts either part-time or full time, equal to 4 terms of supervised teaching. Only once my NQT term is up am I free to apply for other teaching posts.

    NQT positions especially part-time ones are very rarely advertised therefore I haven?t found employment to date, although I have had 6 interviews.

    Sorry if you have seen this in other subject areas but i am just getting used to navigating this forum.

    Thank you again for your valuable time and I hope to hear from you in the near future
  2. littlemissraw

    littlemissraw Occasional commenter

    There are no 'special' NQT teaching jobs. You can apply for all jobs in your subject area and if they choose to appoint you then they will start your NQT induction year.
    You can still teach in independant schools without NQT but for public schools you will need it.
    Is there a reason you didn't apply for your extension? Although as it is over 12 months ago now it wouldn't help.
    Jobseeking is exceptionally hard for alot of people at the moment so don't get too disheartened that its just you x
  3. welshwizard

    welshwizard Established commenter Forum guide

    Statutory induction applies to all NQTs in an appropriate teaching post of a term or longer -this covers both full and part time posts. If part time then the induction arrangements are pro rata. The 16 month rule limits the amount of not induction supply work you can do and you would be foolish not to seek an extension which can extend the period for a further 12 months. If you do not have an extension then you are unable to undertake any daily supply work as you are uninsured- insurance companies are very quick to reject any claims where a teacher is breaching legislation and therefore illegally employed it is the responsibility of both schools and agencies to check this prior to appointment.
    Your only other options then become employment in other (non teaching posts) and you need to be aware the legislation regarding induction will change this year with the probability of a set period for induction to be completed post QTS.
  4. Thank you for the advice.
    I however panicked on reading the changes to the proposed QTS changes. Are you referring to the 16-month limit on short term supply teaching which is hopefully being replaced with a 5-year limit which will be effective from the award of QTS? Alleluia !!

    Or is something happening to the unlimited time an NQT has at the moment before completing their NQT induction year? If this is the case then can you tell me where to find the proposed document of changes?

    Thanks again in advance.
  5. PaulDG

    PaulDG Occasional commenter

    The answer, I believe, is "yes".

    The proposed change to the 16 month limit, replacing it with a 5 year limit also changes the "unlimited" time a NQT has to complete induction.

    The current proposals are that the 5 year limit becomes a limit. 5 years to pass and that's it.

    (The government seems to be of the view that anyone who doesn't succeed within 5 years doesn't really want to try hard enough to be the sort of person they want to see teaching..)
  6. OMG!

    That's the last thing I wanted to hear especially as I am attending for my 7 or 8th interview soon. Being available for only part-time positions makes it even harder to find employment. Then again i could just dump the kids off in Manchester City Center and let them fend for themselves in time for the next lot of riots. That however goes against what I believe in and what i want them to be when they grow up, which wont be a teacher that's for sure or a politician or part of the GTC or ...!

    Would this also effect me as I gained QTS in 2009, finished supply in 2010, and 1 to 1 home tutor in 2011- but haven't worked since due to not being enough positions to apply for?

    Rant over!
    Thanks again

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