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Dear James, How can induction go to a fourth term?

Discussion in 'NQTs and new teachers' started by bobbycatrules, Mar 17, 2011.

  1. bobbycatrules

    bobbycatrules New commenter

    I'm pretty sure the NQT year cannot be extended beyond the three terms.
  2. littlemissraw

    littlemissraw Occasional commenter

    If its looking likely you would fail the year can be extended by a term, you can secure early release or you fail. They obviously want you around, you'll still go up a pay grade too so try not to worry x
  3. Hi dleaf12,
    I started as an NQT in January last year I completed 2 successful terms but the week before my final assessment observation was due to take place my school was put in SM, I was granted a 2 term extension by the LEA and will now complete in July.
    To be honest not quite sure how the whole thing works but I know it is possible. Hope this helps [​IMG]
  4. dleaf12

    dleaf12 Lead commenter

    I am becoming more confused and worried now.
    I have just had my second term assessment meeting. It went well. Now I am judged as "likely to pass" etc etc. So I was feeling good about all my hard work
    Looking to the future there are some more areas of teaching and learning practice that they want me to work on and develop further, but basically they are saying that if I keep up my current good practice and "embed" them in my teaching all will be well.
    So far so good.Then the NQT coordiantor said that SMT were considering "since the summer term is so short" whether I should do a further term induction in september as "they would like to see three good terms" from me. I'm gutted. I really really want to have NQT done and dusted by July as I find the whole pass or fail-forever thing too stressful.
    This is different to what I was told last week, which held open the possibility of passing NQT in July. Now it seems as if they are ready to decide now in March that I cant possibly pass in July and must do an extension, even though they have just ticked the "likely to pass" box.
    What is going on? Can they just decide for themselves to raise the bar for induction like that? I thought the process was defined by law and that extensions (as mentioned above), only happened when something was wrong with the induction process? My Mentor is leaving on maternity leave at Easter, but a replacement Mentor has already been found and to be honest I like her better than my current mentor so thats no bad thing, and surely they cant be using that as a sort of "loophole" to justify an extension?
    I'm really not sure how to play this. Grin, grit my teeth and bear it? Talk to county about it? Talk to union? Try and argue my point with the deputy head i/c staff training (she it is who is considering this course of action?
    HELP! I really dont want to do an extra term, but I'm worried that if I kick back then they will find a way of failing me in July.What should I do?
  5. Let's get something straight. An extension is not something a school, or a headteacher can decide upon. Only the LA can grant an extension and THEN only if the school is recommending a fail in term three and the NQT appeals and the grounds for appeal are upheld, or if the school has failed to complete the induction process properly and the LA decide that they need an extra term as they cannot decixe if the evidence exists that the NQT passes.
    So if they are stating in term two that you are likely to pass then there are no grounds for an extension. Some headteachers feel that they can manipulate the induction year to suit their own agenda and they cannot.
    My advice would be to wait for the term two paperwork to be completed and to state on this if they are saying that you are likely to pass that you are happy with the judgement at that point. If, at a later date they try to get an extension then they must have good cause and good grounds for doing so, that is they must have EVIDENCE that you are not meeting the standards, there must be an independent observation and a support plan along with targets and the involvement of the LA.
    This sounds more like scare tactics to me than anything they can reasonably do.
    So, at the moment see if the paperwork is done which states that you are OK and on target - MAKE SURE you get a copy of the paperwork signed by them and you.
    Make asure you comnpile a portfolio of evidence that you are meeting the core standards (a little like your QTS file but nowhere near a big or complex).
    Contact your union - don't necessarily get them involved at this stage but do give them a written statement about what has happened and make sure they keep a copy (just in case at a later date things go wrong) and keep them in touch with what's happening.
    Once the paperwork goes through, contact the LA adviser and check that they have it and it corresponds to what you have - that you are on track. Then casually ask about extensions and see if they have been contacted about this - they should tell you that they deal with extensions and not the school.
    So the answer is don't 'kick back' yet, unless they don't submit the paperwork as you being 'on track' . If this is submitted it will be much more difficult for them to try and fail you unless and until they complete all the proper proceedures. If you have a portfolio of evidence then it will be even more difficult for them to say that you are not meeting the standards.

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