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Dear James, GTP or PGCSE after undergrad ITT?

Discussion in 'Trainee and student teachers' started by jimf215uk, Feb 20, 2011.

  1. I am approaching the end of my 3yr undergraduate ITT course (KS2/3 Maths), and I'm pretty sure I haven't received adequate practical training and experience to enter into a career in September (KS2/3 split placements, reduced allocation, non-mainstream school for final placement = not enough experience in either environment) . Would it be possible for me to apply for GTP or PGCSE positions? (Particularly if I don't submit my QTS portfolio/don't have the evidence to gain QTS).

  2. You need, first of all to raise your concerns witn your tutor. To be honest, if you do not gain QTS through a route which should allow you to attain this, getting a PGCE or GTP place afterwards will be very hard. The first thing people will see is you not achieving QTS - your reasons, while they may be valid, will be buried in a statement and hard to bring to the surface with people looking at applications. If at all possible try and resolve the situation where you are and gain QTS on this programme.
    As yopu note, allocations have been cut significantly and expectations raised for those applying so getting in to ITT now will be harder.

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