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Dear James - Fitness to Teach Medical

Discussion in 'Trainee and student teachers' started by lilykitty, Aug 28, 2011.

  1. lilykitty

    lilykitty New commenter

    I had a similar situation. In my case, OH wanted to talk through my level of fitness and how I intended to manage my health alongside the demands of the job. ME is a very variable condition (like lots of ongoing health issues) and the only way they will know how it affects you is by talking to you. I think it will also depend on the severity of your ME - are you registered as disabled? Do you have frequent relapses? If you are registered as disabled, OH will need to discuss any additional support you might need.
    On the whole, my (happily quite limited!) experiences with OH have always been very positive, with the emphasis on supporting my health and managing the job. They may also want to let you know about services such as counselling which might be available, should you ever need it.
    Remember, they will base a lot of their assessment on how you present yourself, so try to go in positive and show that you have thought about how to manage your health needs alongside the job.
    Hope all goes well for you [​IMG]
  2. Hi
    The role of OH is twofold, they must assess all trainees against the fitness to teach criteria and this is done via the questionnaire. If this reveals any medical condition - from depression to physical impairment, they then must assess what reasonable adjustments could be made to make success in your PGCE more likely. Things tend to go wrong and issues arise when trainees do not disclose things - this means that adjustments that could be made are not, then the person has a more difficult,sometimes impossible, time and then they fail.
    By disclosing your history you have merely triggered the OH to look a bit deeper and find out what the provider could do to make your chances of success higher. e.g. advising that you are not given long stressful journeys, talking to your GP about any medication and possible side effects or if, indeed, medication is needed. It may be advising the student support centre who will keep in regular contact with you to make sure that you can deal with the stress of the course.
    See this as a positive meeting designed to help you rather than a negative meeting designed to go against you.
  3. Thank you both, I feel a lot more positive now!
  4. The OH do reserve the right to recommend to your training provider that you are not fit (to train) to teach. In which case you will be told about it and you can normally make a submission to the relevant committee in mitigation.

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