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Dear James -- First placement

Discussion in 'Trainee and student teachers' started by acartney, Dec 30, 2011.

  1. Hi
    Im starting my first placement in January and im getting nervous/ stressed, is there anything in particular that i should be doing to prepare for it? im trying to improve my subject knowledge but its still waking me up at 4am. any tips or advice would be a massive help.


  2. AudyR

    AudyR New commenter

    Hi Alex
    You've probably heard this before but be organised. I'm 4 weeks away from the end of my second placement and organisation helps alot. Also, ensure that you are familiar with what is required of you in terms of paper work etc and ask if you are unsure of anything. Other advice, don't take anything from the kids personally; your subject knowledge comes on leaps and bounds once you start planning lessons. Hope this helps and look after yourself ie rest and eat well.
  3. slippeddisc

    slippeddisc New commenter

    Honestly don't stress. Your teaching comes on leaps and bounds in a few weeks. I remember being really really scared when I first stood in front of a class, even doing the register made my heart beat really fast. By the next placement I was able to 'wing it' in a few lessons that my class teacher was supposed to do but she was ill so I had to make something up on the spot. It's amazing what a few weeks can do.
    Yeah you'll be nervous. Yeah a few lessons will go badly but some will go ok and some will go well. Just do your best, work hard, be willing to listen to advice, don't think that you know everything and you'll be fine.
    I've been teaching a few years now but remember those first placements well! Good luck.
  4. Hi
    What ypu have at present is a fear of the unknown. Yes, try to be as organised as you can, but remember that until you get to the school you won't knowexactly what you will be teaching or what ypu need to know. Try not to second guess as ypou will most likely get it wrong. Remember also that your mentor in school is there to help and guide you so you are not completely on your own.
    Relax if you can, look up the school on the internet and get to know what you can about it.
  5. thanks guys, feeling loads better about it now :)

  6. Remember that you're not expected to be an expert straight away...you're there to learn :) Good luck!

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