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Dear James - Employing NQT's

Discussion in 'Trainee and student teachers' started by Helena Handbasket, May 22, 2011.

  1. Helena Handbasket

    Helena Handbasket New commenter

    Hi Samantha,
    I'm afraid you have been very much misinformed on NQT induction. There is no time limit at all on when you can complete induction; previously it was within 5 years of qualifying but this was abolished several years ago. Somebody who has not completed their NQT year can only do up to 16 months on day to day supply but I believe there is no limit on long term supply placements. The teacher in question can also apply for a supply limit extension from the LA they work in.
  2. welshwizard

    welshwizard Established commenter Forum guide

    The NQT can only do non induction supply teaching for a maximum of 16 calander months from the first date of supply work post QTS. This is a fixed date and does not depend upon how much or little supply work is undertaken. At the end of that time the NQT applies for an extension from the LA responsible for the school employing them. The LA if they are satisfied with the quality of the NQT can extend for a maximum of 12 months.
    This is a qualutty control requirement which should ensure NQTs only work a total maximum of 28 months after gaining QTS without undertaking statutory induction. If they do then the Employers Insurance is technically invalid as the teacher is working illegally and not insured.
    Regardless of how the NQT is employed through short term or agency contracts the induction requirements still apply in that any post of a term or longer should contribute to induction.
  3. Just for clarity:
    A NQT who has not completed induction can only work a mximum of 16 months on DAILY supply. The time is measured from the first day's work on supply and finishes sixteen months later regardless of the number of supply days worked. At this point the NQT can apply to the LA for an extension that allows then to work up to a further 12 months on daily supply.
    If a NQT is in a teaching post teaching regular classes on a timetable and understaing the duties of a class teacher and that post lasts for at least a term (full time or part time) then the school is legally obliged to place the NQT on induction and must inform the LA that the NQT is in a post that qualifies for induction. This applies even if the NQT is supplied and contracted to a supply agency. The NQT does not have to be on a school or LA contract.
    It is the headteacher's responsibility to check if a NQT is eligible to work on daily supply (i.e. that they have not exceeded their permitted time on daily supply). Unfortunatley some supply agencies are not aware of the rules or perhaps choose to ignore them. It is also the responsibility of the Head to register an eligible NQT for induction with a LA.
    The NQT has a responsibility to not accept daily supply work if offered and they have exceeded their limit, they are also responsible for applying for an extension to the 16 month rule should that be necessary. They should also inform the Headteacher if offered a post which lasts a term that they are still to complete induction and ask for the Head to register them.
    Failure to properly employ a NQT or supply teacher with QTS who has not complete dinduction could have consequences (e.g. in an extreme case employer's insurance could be compromised (as indictaed above) and a LA could refuse permission for the school to employ NQTs.
    I hope this makes thge position clear for you.

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