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Dear James.... Don't want to teach anymore

Discussion in 'Trainee and student teachers' started by FEsenco, Jan 10, 2011.

  1. FEsenco

    FEsenco New commenter

    <font size="2">Dear James, </font>
    <font size="2">I have lost all interest in teaching. I still want to work within Education but not actually teach.</font>
    Do other jobs in Education require you to be a qualified teacher, for example if I wanted to work in Special Needs within a school or for an education board, etc? Basically is it worth me sticking to the PGCE but not actually use it for teaching but for something else within Education?
    <font size="2">Any advice please?</font>
  2. I think you need to keep this in mind, emmy. Your HoD/mentor for this placement may be uncomplimentary and unsupportive but that isn't a reason for you to give up on teaching completely. Is your university tutor supportive towards you, you don't make this completely clear. It is not unknown for PGCE students to move placements if university tutors are behind them and the placement is not working out. If your university tutor is also 'shocked' at your HoD's comments then it would suggest that he/she feels you have potential as a teacher. Don't give up now, doubtless if you did complete the PGCE it would help with getting Special Needs work.
  3. littlemissraw

    littlemissraw Occasional commenter

    Unfortunately there are some nasty pieces of work no matter what your career, unfortunately the PGCE and NQT means they have a considerable amount of control over you which is very frustrating when you clash personalities. How long are you left at the placement? Don't do anything rash, speak to your Uni tutor x
  4. What ytou need is a good talk with your tutor. Clearly, from what you say things happened quickly and unexpectedly -p the tutor needs to investigate why things happened the way that they did and you need to review al;l the positive things that have happenbed to datye. I can see that it has knocked your confidence, but t5eacxhing is full of knoicks and unexpected things. Rather than concentrate on the person/people concentrate on the problem - attack the problkems and try to get thropugh to the end. A switch to primary rarely if ever happens and is verey difficult if not impossible to achieve. Once you have QTS you are in control (to an extent) of where you work and yopu have a degree of choice over whether or not to take a jopb - something you don't have on a placement.
    Stand back try to be objective and try not to think about giving up just yet - you are a long way in and lots of positive things have happened.
    For most jobs, working in SEN etc to be employed as a teacher you need QTS.

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