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Dear James, Concerns about the proposed NQT induction changes

Discussion in 'NQTs and new teachers' started by sscirc, Jan 12, 2012.

  1. Dear James,

    I wonder if you could please help. I understand that the government are proposing to change the 16 month supply rule for NQT's and replace it with a maximum of 5 years to complete your NQT year from qualifying. I completed my PGCE in 2003 and then had a break due to raising my family. I am now looking to return to teaching in September to complete my NQT year. Obviously this takes me over 5 years. I am wondering how these proposed changes would affect me. Would I be best advised to apply for positions for this summer term so that I would start my NQT year before these proposed changes would come into effect or would they only effect teachers who qualify commencing 2012? When I qualified the rules stated that you had 5 years to complete your NQT year once you had started it not from qualifying (hence never starting my NQT year) Sorry I am very confused and I understand that these are only proposed changes but I am trying to forward plan.

    Any guidance is appreciated
  2. Dear sscirc,
    I'm wanting the same information for myself. I hope you don't mind me jumping on your thread. I finished my PGCE in 2009. I got my certificates through in the November of 2009. Im just wondering when I will need to do my NQT year by as my tutor told me I would lose the qualification.
  3. Hi
    Does anyone no why James hasn't replied yet to the proposed NQT reform questions? Could it be that he has already answered this in another area as it's not like him at all?

    I too gained QTS in Primary in 2009 (4-11yrs), completed English Supply rule by 2010- Yes all five days of it in total ! Have been applying and attending interviews for part-time positions ever since however I've been unsuccessful to date. Did excellent in my QTS Training, as I am an excellent teacher, although I am starting to loose faith and confidence by the day.

    Good luck to all you other wanna bees and take notice all you newbies!
  4. I've been looking into this 5 year time limit thing to get your NQT year completed and from what I have read, unless you are in Wales, this 5 year rule doesn't exist. I have read the statutory induction guidance document, the NQT section of the TDA website and an article on the TES website (search for Newly Qualified Teacher FAQs by.Sara Bubb to read it) and all make clear that there is only a time limit on supply, not on induction. So unless Gove does change things, then there is not a rule about when you must start or finish induction. If anyone has any official information that says otherwise I would be interested to know though.
  5. Government proposed changes to England NQT Induction programme (this was in 20011) as far as iIcan gather from this forum it has since been set in stone, to put us in line with rest of the UK. It is difficult to find any information about this - it always is! Google the link below and read the proposals then do further research and you will find more( I cant remember what other websites I used - Sorry!


    Good luck
  6. Thanks for that link. Yes it's always hard to find out things for certain isn't it. Well to be honest I hope the proposed changes to bring in a 5 year time limit from achieving QTS to completing induction doesn't come in. What about women who take a break to have a family? Does anyone know whether these changes will apply to everyone our just to those who qualify after the rules are (possibly) changed?
  7. welshwizard

    welshwizard Established commenter Forum guide

    As usual the legislation is framed with no consideration to any flexibility. What happens to people part way through induction? Will ther be any retraining options? As the regulations stand they will be effectively shut out. However like all legislation it has to take account of other employment frameworks such as maternity regulations.
    The speedier the legislation the more problems it creates

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