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Dear James, classroom observation

Discussion in 'Trainee and student teachers' started by richardbembridge, Feb 22, 2011.

  1. Next week I begin one week of classroom observation. I have organised this to help with my forthcoming applications to Initial Teacher Training.

    I have never been in a classroom since I left school at 18.

    My degree is in Physics, my MSc is in Computer Studies, and I have over 10 years' commercial experience.

    I want to get as much as possible out of next week, when I will be sat in a range of secondary classes observing (and possibly joining in) Physics, Science, and ICT.

    What do you recommend my objectives might be? How do you think I should prepare for next week?

    Many thanks in advance.

  2. Like you I came into Physics teaching from industry & there was a lot to learn. I would echo the previous poster and add:
    * ask the teacher (if posssible) before hand if there is anything specific he plans to do in the lesson - eg a tricky experiment, managing a difficult group or individual, introducing a new idea or topic.
    * try to see a pupil being reprimanded (you can be shuffling papers at the back of the room).
    * Observe how he manages demonstrations, experiments, equipment and pupils' movement around the lab plus the language he uses.
    * not all lessons are a success - try to identify why the good ones are good & the less good ones are not.
    * always thank the teacher for allowing you to observe the lesson.
    * try to observe some other subjects' lessons if possible
    * check before the lesson if the teacher minds you getting involved.
    Teaching can be a lonely job - you spend most of your time with hormone ridden adolescents who see you as some sort of 'entertainer' and you have to do three or four 'shows' a day.
  3. Thanks Sam and hadron. Good advice.

    Specifically at you hadron, is there an easy way to see the Physics and Science national curricula on one page? Everything I have found so far has been either a hyperlinked nightmare or so high-level as to offer little insight.
  4. Science is not my subject, but here is a link to the KS3 Science national curriculum. Arguably, this document is of limited use. When you get into school ask if you can see a Scheme of Work (SOW) this might give you more insight into what the kiddies are learning and how it's planned medium term.



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