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Dear James: Career Progression

Discussion in 'NQTs and new teachers' started by dylan83, Apr 11, 2011.

  1. The most sensible advice I can give you is to look at your next logical step, get a person specification and audit what you think may stop you from getting shortlisted. You can then find opportunities in school to develop these skills and experiences so you are shortlisted and once you're getting interviews you're half the way there. As you're an English teacher then your next step may be a 2nd in dept post, or perhaps a leader of an individual subject such as media or drama. Some schools also have posts for schoolwide literacy and intervention and sometimes separate KS3 and KS4 coordinators. You might also like to keep your wider skills in mind, English is increasingly being put into the kind of super faculties called 'Communications' which tends to include MFL and you would need an understanding of this area to get these top jobs.
  2. Hi
    Once induction is out of the way you need to gain experience of managing aspects of the curriculum. If you are looking at a HOD post then a next step could be to take on responsibility for an aspect of the curriculum e.g. to co-ordinate KS3, working with the gifted and telented, working in a SEN co-ordination role etc.. Talk to your current HOD about your aspirations and if there is a role in the department or an aspect of the HODs work that you could take responsibility for. Loom for opportunities of promotion to a co-ordination role either within your department or across whole school initiatives.
    Yes, extra curricular is good but won't necessarily provide the stepping stone, but it would allow you to gain leadership skills if you organise and manage a club.
    Often progression to an assistant head would benefit from working across curriculum and pastoral roles to gain a whole school perspective. Certainly contributing to whole school committees and initiatives is a good start.

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