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Dear James - Career Change

Discussion in 'New teachers' started by annaebrook, Mar 16, 2011.

  1. I started my NQT year in September teaching in a Year 3 class. I've done well in all of my observations and have been told by all of the staff in the school that I'm doing well but I hate it. Nobody has any idea at school how I feel and if I try and speak to anyone they just say that it's part of my NQT year and 'we all want to leave at least once a term'.

    I am beginning to really resent working at home and over every weekend and feel like I can't get a break as I am always thinking about school even if I'm not working. I dont even do that much at home but am findinf it impossible because I really don't enjoy it. I am seriously considering leaving at the end of the summer term for an office job. My partner is strongly encouraging me to do this.

    I wanted to know how to approach this with my head and mentor who have both been really supportive. Also just whether anyone is feeling or thinking the same?

    Thank you
  2. Hey, I can't help with the actual question but yes - I definately feel the same, I've actually started applying to jobs that aren't teaching and I'm getting a much better response than from schools! I think even if you don't go on to do it you've at least done your NQT year, you have amazing management and organisational experience and you'll probably be more conifdent for knowing you got through it all!
  3. I am totally with you!
  4. I hear you loud and clear! I feel exactly the same way. I dread going in every day and have started to want to break my leg in order to get time off. There is just too much to do all the time and you can never get everything done to the standard it needs to be and you're scrutinised all the time. Teaching sucks
  5. sorry to say but you don't know how lucky you are, I'm yet to start my NQT after 2 1/2 years. ah i dream of the day when I have to stay in over the weekend to do my own classes planning. when you leave there'll be 100 NQTs eager to get your job!

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