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Dear James... Can we be left alone?

Discussion in 'Trainee and student teachers' started by Alec2005, Feb 10, 2011.

  1. Your school is still legally liable for the welfare of pupils while you teach, so the short answer is yes, you can be left alone but there must be someone within earshot of the class who can step in when needed. What actually happens varies of course, and some student teachers are left completely alone without anyone staying nearby, while others always have a qualified teacher on standby to intervene or help out. Many schools make an informed judgement based on the experience and ability of the trainee concerned and any possible risk to pupils' welfare.
    You need to speak to your mentor about it, and find out any uni rules from your tutor.
  2. Agreed. In the final analysis the school makes the decision ... and they are responsible if it goes t*ts up! Policies vary between schools. However, you should always know where to get help - and quickly - if you need it.
  3. As Alec and Bob have intimated/stated, legally the class teacher is responsible for the class and any issue/problem would first of all land in their lap. Technically - as an unqualified teacher you must be supervised, but there is also the professional development that must take place where you need to experience 'flying solo'. Whjat must NOT happen is the class teacher being taken for other duties (e.g. cover) or being out of earshot/reach should a problem arise. Teachers must make a professional judgement about your ability to take a class 'alone' but be able to intervene quickly if something happpens.

  4. Many thanks for the quick response, I will check with my school and stick to their policy (which is a lot easier than trying to make the different tutors at the University agree one way or the other!).
  5. Sillow

    Sillow Lead commenter

    I believe the one exception is PE; as far as I'm aware, only a qualified teacher can take PE or must be there to supervise a student. My class teacher was with me for all PE lessons during my final placement and, in my current school, the TAs do not take PE lessons either.
  6. Yes, on Health and Safety grounds, and probably the condition of the school's insurance cover.

  7. Sillow - Design & Technology as well! And probably science, with practicals.


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