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Dear James: Behaviour Management

Discussion in 'Trainee and student teachers' started by Iceni_D, May 8, 2011.

  1. Dear James
    I have just finished my first week of my final PGCE EY Placement
    I am with a year one class of 30 who the Teachers (job share) have described as lively.
    On my initial visit I was told that when they agreed to take on a student
    they hadn't realised the level of support that the children would need
    and that I would need to be supported alot with behaviour.
    Behaviour management is something I have been consistently strong on
    in previous placements and work experience. I have worked with some pretty challenging
    behaviour with success in the past. I am trying to work with the school systems
    for encouraging good behaviour and have researched my own that I would like to discuss
    implementing with the support of the Teachers. Luckily for me the Teachers are very
    understanding about the situation but my concern is my University observations. I have heard
    rumours that students have been failed/given unsatisfactory in this area even when it is known
    that the class present a challenge for all Teachers, not just students.
    Is showing that I am consistently employing strategies and willing to implement further
    strategies as necessary enough to challenge a possible 'unsatisfactory', coupled with my
    previous strong record in this area?
    As it is early days I do not want to discuss this with University staff at present
    The behaviour that I am aiming to focus on improving I would describe as constant low level from the majority of the class at carpet time which hinders teaching and evaluation and the amount of time that I should be taking the whole class in the role of the Teacher which should be the majority of the week.
    Any similar experiences from other students and outcomes?
    Many Thanks
  2. Hi
    Different unibversities have different ways of conducting school obserations, but many tend to use the uni observation as a moderation of school based judgements. To fail a student on one observation would be very unusual since meeting the standards is about cumulative evidence not one off observations. When I visit I have to account of the school, the pupils, the local conditions etc. Applying a GENERAL standard is not very useful. Behaviour managment is a process that can take time to implement and see the benefit of startegies and so a single observation, again, may just be a lucky or unlucky hit. Your progress and ability to meet the standards should take in all the available evidence not just focus on one thing.

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