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Dear James and All: Part Time Induction

Discussion in 'New teachers' started by _JaneEyre_, Jul 1, 2011.

  1. Dear James,
    I'm a primary NQT, I qualified in 2009 and have been doing a mix of short and long-term supply since I qualified. I have one term of induction completed. I'm applying for a 0.6 maternity cover post (3 full days per week) starting at October half-term and I wondered if you would be able to advise me on the possibility of completing my induction in this post. I have already looked at the Induction Guidance and asked the Local Authority but they couldn't give me any answers so I wondered if you could give your opinion as to whether my assumptions are correct:
    1) I have calculated that in a 195 day year each term would be 65 days, therefore I have 130 days of induction to complete (2 terms)
    2) If you have a time-limited contract and the school agrees you are going to pass induction they may reduce this period by up to 29 days (including any days you had off for sickness, strike etc.) which means I could potentially get my two terms of induction by working 101 days (a whole academic year at 0.6 minus the six weeks before October half-term)
    3) Any extra days I would work in the same class (to cover management time, courses etc.) would be taken off the total number of days I would need to work
    4) If I could get any regular work (e.g. PPA cover) which the school would guarantee to last a term or more to run concurrently with the 0.6 contract (in the same school or another, on contract or supply) I could also count this towards my induction (the additional work would not need to come with NQT time) and if at another school the first school would still have sole responsibility for my induction (paperwork observations etc.).
    5) If the person decided to come back early from their maternity leave and I hadn't yet completed the equivalent of a term's induction I could potentially end up with nothing to put towards my induction at al.
    I'm sorry my enquiry is so long but I would be very grateful for any advice anyone has. Most jobs in my area attract 300+ applicants with some more than 500 and I'm not in a position to move. I desperately want to complete my induction this year as I've used up my 16 months supply limit and my one year extension will run out next year. I'm not sure many heads would be interested in someone in their fourth year of teaching who hasn't finished their NQT year anyway. I've been to the TES Careers Service for help with my applications and interviews and I have had a couple of interviews recently but unfortunately no job offers which is why I'm considering a part-time post when I would prefer full-time.
  2. Anyone?
  3. littlemissraw

    littlemissraw Occasional commenter

    Seems about right to me but not 100% sure. I'd just say take what you can get, bird in the hand and all that... x
  4. Yes, your induction year is based on the length of the school year in which you start induction - the mjority of state schools have a 195 day year. There could be an exception to this for an academy which decides to lengthen the school year.
    Yes given specific circumstances, but the LA would have the final say on whether induction can be shortened.
    Yes the schools decide between them which one takes responsibility - it is usually the first school in which induction is started or where the NQT works most at.
    It is possible, but normally Heads do try to accommodate NQTs and get them a minimum amount of time.
  5. Thanks for your replies, I'm going to apply and see what happens!

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