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Dear James: 1 year contract but cannot do my NQT year...

Discussion in 'New teachers' started by rahmara, Jul 16, 2011.

  1. Hi James,

    I hope you're well. I've posted a new thread on 'jobseekers' about a job which i've just secured for maternity cover (1 year) through my agency. I've been advised by one of the members on the forum to contact you. I've been doing supply work for that past year and haven't completed any of my NQT terms. Now that I have a job confirmed for September I was hoping I could get it done as it's for 1 year, however I have been informed that there are two other NQTs at the school and it is very unlikely. I'm getting my consultant to chase up and find out for me. Is there anything else I could do James?

    Regards, Rahmara.
  2. jubilee

    jubilee Star commenter

    You must not let this Induction opportunity pass you by. The school cannot decide that they have enough NQTs and cannot therefore offer Induction!
    If you are to be employed for the equivalent of a term's length or more and are required to plan, assess, attend meetings etc, whether employed by the school/LA or by an agency, they have to register you as an NQT with the LA at the outset and give you a 10% timetable reduction.
    Get in touch with the LA induction adviser a.s.a.p so that the school are clear before they break up for the summer that you must be on Induction.
    Apart from anything else, your 16 month (non-Induction) supply allowance will expire before the maternity cover is complete and that potentially makes you unemployable in State schools as a teacher unless on Induction.

  3. Hi

    The school has no choice in this matter, if you have not completed induction and if the post lasts for at least a term, full time or part time, then by law you must be placed on induction. It maters not how many other NQTs there are or that you have come via a supply agency or that you are covering a maternity post where the teacher may have had a full timetable.

    If the school has employed you they have a duty to register you as a NQT and provide you with PPA time, NQT time, a mentor, support and access to any NQT training.

    You can contact the LA adviser for NQTs and inform them that you have a post at the school and that the head should be registering you for induction. If the School/Head says no then the LA can sort it out as the Head cannot decide in these matters, it is statutory. If they did not want another NQT then they should not have offered the post, if they have and it is confirmed then they cannot withdraw that offer, if they do then you may have a claim against the school which would be more costly than placing you on induction.

  4. Just be careful that you have a signed contract, if not then the school may seek to withdraw their offer - which would not be good for you, but if you have a signed contract or returned a signed offer letter then they must put you on induction - take care when broaching this however - don't go in demanding - take the tack of being concerned that the school does not get into trouble by breaking the law by not putting you on induction.

  5. My friend is in the same position. She has just been offered a full time job for two terms covering maternity. She has just finished her PGCE. The school have told her that they are unable to offer her NQT time and she won't be put through induction. I told her that this is illegal (since reading this) It seems like a lot of schools are trying to get away with not supporting NQTs fully!

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