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Dear Greenpeace

Discussion in 'Primary' started by ICTBusiness, Jun 22, 2008.

  1. ICTBusiness

    ICTBusiness New commenter

    Hi guys,

    I have a ESTYN inspected lesson on Wednesday (told Friday about it) and I have been given 'Dear Greenpeace' (Big book) tobase the literacy lesson on. I have done some digging but nothing too exciting coming from it.

    I am teaching for a 1 hour session before lunch then a 50 minute session after lunch. I was thinking of having three groups (higher, middle and lower ability - Year 3) and rotating small activities for 20 minutes each, over the two lessons, obviously allowing time for intro and plenary in both sessions.

    Any ideas for how to deliver, what to teach would be great.

    Thanks guys. Much appreciated.

  2. ICTBusiness

    ICTBusiness New commenter

    just bumping it back to the top!
  3. I've done a units from this book, its awesome! We did some work on letter writing, and some on apostrophes. We also did some factsheets, from Greenpeace to Emily about the kind of whale Arthur is. I scanned it in and put it onto smartbook and easiteach, the kids luv it!! Any lesson from this book can't go far wrong!
  4. tafkam

    tafkam Occasional commenter

    Do you not have any objectives that you know you need to cover?
  5. Hi, Hamilton Trust do a unit of work on this book, it's in the yr 3 section in summer 2. Hope this helps!
  6. ICTBusiness

    ICTBusiness New commenter

    Oh thanks for the tips, thats lovely of you.

    Lesson Objectives - I have just been informed that I can do anything about it.To be honest the obvious one is to look at letter writing, I am now just trying to think of some interesting activities to do.

    Does anyone know where I can get a copy of the book scanned in so I can put into a PP slide show or the like. I onlt have the big book and would have liked to have it on the IWB for the children to come up and use the IWB pen to underline things etc.

    Any activity ideas are welcome. Thanks everyone.
  7. tafkam

    tafkam Occasional commenter

    Informed by whom?

    I can't quite work out how, even at this stage of the year, you're just making up some lessons based on a book you happen to have.

    Have you been teaching these children all year? What do they need to cover? What are they good at? Where are their weaknesses? What have you not taught too well this year?

    And THEN - is this text any good for covering the objectives you need to meet?
  8. ICTBusiness

    ICTBusiness New commenter

    With regards to the previous comment.

    I am a PGCE trainee on my final placement. I have been teaching the class FULL TIME for 10 weeks.

    The college I am completing the course through are under ESTYN inspection and last week the college informed me that I am to be observed along with a selected few on the course.

    I know it is a little 'sketchy' and fairly vague, but I beleive they have said I can do what I like and not have specific LO's to make it easier for me.

    Any other info greatly appreciated.
  9. What learning objectives will you share with the children and how will you assess them throughout the two sessions you have to deliver?

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