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dear clare

Discussion in 'Governors' started by mangomouse, Feb 28, 2011.

  1. Dear Clare
    A decision soon has to be made (during what is for all of us a difficult time regarding budgets) as to the appointment of a new deputy assisstant head at the cost of loosing what could be three LTAs. This seems rather strange to me in as much i think the money would be better spent on the front line so to speak .While i realise that a competent slt are needed in a school im finding it a difficult decision to make and would value some input. Could someone clarify my position as a governor ... is my vote for the children whose education may suffer when their additional help may be taken away or to slt to soften their workload and enable the slt to complete the vision for the school for the years ahead ..................
  2. Your vote is for whatever you believe in.

    There is no way anyone without the detail and understanding of your school would be able to advise you that a DHT would be better than 3 LTAs or vice versa.
  3. Hi
    Your vote should be in the best interests of the education of the children at the school. Without knowing the particulars of your school I am in no position to judge whether it is better served by another appointment to the SLT or retaining three LTAs. Presumably a paper has been put to the governing body/relevant committee explaining why the headteadcher/SLT favour the appointment of a new member of the SLT. Governors are not there to rubber stamp proposals and if you have queries about the appointment then raise them before the matter is put to a vote. At the end of the day if you do not agree with what is proposed then do not vote for it.

    Clare Collins


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