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Dear Clare, re. Corporation Governor & HT responsibilities to Parents

Discussion in 'Governors' started by RowdyDad, Jun 26, 2011.

  1. I knew I'd forget something, but on revising that post, I also wanted to ask who, if anyone, has an oversight of the board -- that is, to whom can I appeal.
  2. Some more detail which may be relevant:
    1. according to the college website, it's "a corporation under the Further and Higher Education Act 1992 as an exempt charity."
    2. it is state funded in that it gets it's funding from the LRC-now-YPLA, if I'm picking you up right -- it's allowed to charge for adult courses and non-eu students.
    3. there's no church aspect

  3. harsh-but-fair

    harsh-but-fair Star commenter

    He or she must have had a lot of children ...
  4. Yes, that occurred to me as well, but I haven't had time to investigate that one yet.
    Thanks for jumping in!
  5. Just to set the scene. I have been a school or college governor for 27+ years including three years as Chairman.
    I'm assuming that you are talking about a 6th form college rather than a school with a sixth form? You have tended to use the words school and college and Principal and Head Teacher as interchangeable pairs that makes it somewhat harder to follow your story.
    The Corporation will have a set of rules that govern (no pun intended) how they function. These rules should be freely available from the Clerk.. You might find answers to some of the questions you ask here within this document. Almost certainly there will also be a multitude of policies covering every aspect of the life of the college. These should also be in the public domain.
    I think parent and employee governors should be elected but if the college rules say " all governor appointments are proposed and confirmed wholly by the board" then your options are very limited.
    You ask "What legal responsibility does the Corporation have to the parents to keep them informed, i.e. is there a requirement of a minimum number of meetings?
    The short answer in none, or so I believe.

  6. Hi Martin, thanks for the helpful reply.
    Thanks also for putting up with my atrocious misuse of terms -- just goes to point out how much help I need to understand the situation, so your input is much appreciated.
    You are absolutely right -- a 2-year 6th form college. If you can interpret my use of "school" as "college" and "HT" as "Principal" it hopefully comes out correct, which is as you've interpreted it.
    Thanks for your advice about requesting these policies -- I am becoming more aware of what should be on the college website -- but isn't. I'm requesting things as I find they exist, but the college is also a master of making up their own names for documents which makes it more difficult.
    Thanks for confirming your belief which matches mine -- there is no legal responsibility for them to keep parents informed, about anything.
    Absolutely atrocious, and totally out of place in a democratic society which prizes freedom of information and clarity in how our leaders govern.
    Makes me worry greatly about how these Academies are regulated .... but I haven't got time to get into that at this point!
    Thanks again for your help, it's much appreciated.
  7. Hi

    I should first say that I am familiar with the rules and regulations governing maintained schools, not those governing the Further Education sector. My understanding is that those institutions covered by the Further Education Act 1992 as incorporated institutions have their own Instrument of Government and Articles of Association which set out the constitution of the governing body. They are not subject to the same governance regulations as maintained schools and the Guide to the Law for School Governors will not apply to them. The Articles of Association will probably set down how many meetings the governing body should have. To get chapter on verse on what they should be doing you could write to the Department for Business Innovation and Skills who are responsible for FE matters.
  8. Thanks Clare,
    Your comments are appreciated -- it's interesting how on this forum and also on the ukgovernors forum, where I've got the same discussion going, there seems to be very little knowledge of how FE schools should be governed. I don't know if this says anything other than I'm in the wrong place, but it seems governors of maintained schools show a far greater interest in discussing governance issues.
    I had come across the Further Education Act 1992 document (there's a link to it in my original post above), and it was the most disillusioning part of this voyage of discovery, as it seems to cement the corporation's virtual immunity to any kind of oversight. Thanks for the suggestion about the Articles of Association - I haven't yet requested those, but I will. There are a number of documents the College should be making available on their website which they don't -- I'll request those as well.
    Thanks again for your help!

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