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Dear Clare - minutes of govs' meetings

Discussion in 'Governors' started by crumblebucket, Nov 16, 2011.

  1. Thank you all for your comments.
    ClerktoGovernors - I appreciate your remarks regarding the role of the Staff Governor. I approached her initially as she is also my line manager & I did not want to appear to bypass her by approaching the Chair direct. It would be great if the minutes could go on the school website but nothing has been put on there since early 2010 - work in progress!!
    The Clerk is not actually denying access to the minutes - just not making it easy! I will pursue this as I find it annoying & unnecessary. Thanks to all of you for your clarification - I feel confident now that my request is not unreasonable.
  2. The minutes of a governing body meeting are public documents unless they have been declared confidential. The minutes become public information once they have been agreed by the governing body (usually at the next governing body or committee meeting). The minutes are not the clerk's they are the governing body's and should, therefore, be available to view on the school premises, not via an appointment at a private individual's house. If you are still having problems accessing the minutes then you should make a formal request via the Freedom of Information Act.
    Clare Collins
  3. Thank you Clare.
  4. To be totally accurate, minutes of GB meetings are outside the scope of the FoI Act because there is already a legal requirement that they be published (i.e. made available to anyone who asks).

    They are also included in the default school Publication Scheme produced by the ICO. The vast majority of schools are required to follow this scheme unless they have specific permission from the ICO to follow a different more comprehensive scheme.

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