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Dear Clare - Headteacher appointment

Discussion in 'Governors' started by purple40annie46, Feb 9, 2011.

  1. Dear Clare
    If a headteacher is on a temporary contract are they allowed to apply for a permanent position if 2 schools federate and the head of the other school is already permanent but there will only be one headteacher across both schools?
  2. Keep in mind the post of Executive Head does not exist in STPCD and I don't think it currently has any legal basis. Schools have to have a substantive HT to carryout statutory duties etc. An executive HT cannot do this.
  3. Having met only this morning with someone from the local authority to talk about school federation, I am informed that there is now guidance on how to work out pay for executive heads - this may be an amended STPCD, I haven't yet rung HR to find out.

    According to the DfE, the executive head teacher may be the substantive head of both schools, with a deputy head at each site (this is the model we're considering). Other models are available (one substantive head at each school, with one of them also being the executive), but it's clear from the guidance that you can get away with one executive head and a couple of deputies.

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