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Dear Clare - Future of Governor Services

Discussion in 'Governors' started by tiro1, Jan 11, 2011.

  1. Dear Clare
    In my submissision (Changing Face of Education - Future of Govvernance) to the DfE I promoted the idea of a national Governors Advice ad Information Network that could be administered by a single entity or a consortium from the voluntary sector which includes the NGA.
    I understand that the NGA and NCOGS are working together to provide solutions to problems created by local authority cut backs which could significantly increase SLA subscriptions or terminate Governor Services altogether - a distinct possibility as the governments program of converting schools into academies grows a pace and as such be divorced from their local authority.
    Having spent over 25 years as a school governor, most as Chair, I feel that unless governance is not to descent into chaos, leadership, be it from Government, NGA,NCOGS or any other group, must give clear direction as the the future of school governance so that we can carry out our responsibilties without looking over our collective shoulders. The future could be very brightt, the present government are prepared to listen,especially when it can make savings that do not dilute quality and are therefore painless.
    I look forward to your reply
    Terry Ayres
  2. Dear Terry
    Thank you for your post. You may have seen in the White Paper that the Department for Education intends to work with the NGA (and others) "to clarify governing body accountabilities and responsibilities to focus more strongly on strategic direction'. The NGA is now working closely with the DfE, NCOGs and the National College (in relation to training for chairs of governors) to crystallise the key strategic tasks that governors should undertake.

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