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Dear Clare - Any tips on how to chair a committee?

Discussion in 'Governors' started by reilloc, Nov 8, 2011.

  1. Your lea probably run a course on chairing meetings which would be a good start if you are inexperienced!
  2. The first thing I would say is be yourself, be organised and be inclusive. Don't be afraid to ask - your chair of governors should be able and willing to give you some pointers as should the clerk and the headteacher.
    On a practical level make sure you are clear about the terms of reference of the committee, who its members are and when it meets. Even if you don't put timings for items on the printed Agenda have your own notes about how long you expect a particular item to last so that you can keep the meeting to time. Allow committee members to have a their say, but be prepared to step in if the discussion is going round the houses and needs to move on.
    The NGA produces the Chair's Handbook which is guidance aimed at Chairs of Governors but is probably also useful for Chairs of Committees. It can be purchased from the NGA - www.nga.org.uk. The National College has also recently published Leading governors - the role of the chair of governors in schools and academies - again although this document is aimed at Chairs of Governors it contains some useful tips. It can be downloaded from the National College's website via the attached link - National College
    Clare Collins

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