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Dear Claire - advise please!

Discussion in 'Governors' started by Clare_Collins, Jun 28, 2011.

  1. This is a difficult one because your professional life gives you access to information that other governors would not have and unless the governing body have delegated responsibility to you to look into this case then you are (albeit with the best of intentions) acting outside your powers. It is also the case that the governing body should focus on the strategic rather than the operational and managing the IT company does sound operational.

    The other question is what impact does the ?bad relationship? have ? does it just make life a bit difficult, or it is actually impacting directly on the education of the children. In the latter case then it is clearly a governance issue and in the former more of a managerial one.

    Did this come up at a governing body meeting, or has it come to your attention via another route? If the latter then there is legitimate reason to bring it up at a future meeting ? to ask about progress, what is being done to resolve the matter. Given what I said earlier about whether you have been delegated to get involved and the fact that your evidence is entirely based on ?hear say? ? I suggest that your best course of action is to ask at a governing body or committee meeting for a progress report.

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