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Dear Charlie : RE PGCE with a law degree ?

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by Chloew1, Oct 1, 2015.

  1. Chloew1

    Chloew1 New commenter

    I have a 2.2 degree in law. I am wanting to teach RE . However , my subject isn't relevant. I do have A grade at RE A Level and GCSE though.

    would there be a chance for me to get onto a RE PGCE ? The only other thing I could do is FE lifelong learning in law I guess but that doesn't interest me.
  2. monicabilongame

    monicabilongame Star commenter

    A degree in philosophy would be more useful if you didn't have one in theology. To be honest, RE is often thought of as a subject that anyone can teach - and frequently anyone is often given the job of teaching it because there is usually not enough work in a school for 2 or 3 fulltime RE teachers, but too much for 1, and dishing out the extra lessons to other subject teachers is seen as a way of mopping up hours.

    RE really is a subject where you need to know your stuff. You will learn a lot during a PGCE anyway, and KS3 is pretty simple to deliver, but just having done the subject at A level won't give you the breadth or depth you really need to teach it even at GCSE imo. But that's just my opinion.

    Why not contact a training college and ask them?
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  3. u004665

    u004665 New commenter

    I initally thought you could do a SKE course (Subject knowledge enhancement) which is a course if your degree isn't in the subject you want to teach. However I have just checked and this is only available in biology, chemistry, computing, design and technology, geography, languages, maths and physics. You could perhaps contact providers of RE PGCE and double check if you can get entry.

    Alternatively you could do a masters in RE? Although I don't know 100% if this would be enough for entry. There are now Postgraduate Loans available from Student Finance to find masters.
  4. Sysyphus

    Sysyphus New commenter

    I was a hod. We had people with non re degrees apply for jobs and get them. I personally think a passion for a subject is worth more than your degree. You learn about a limited amount in your degree...I reckon 10 per cent of my rd degree was relevant to what I taught. People can be precious about their subject knowledge...." I am such a doe island specialist" type of thing. I would say go for it and then look out for a school that also offers law at A level and teach both.
  5. Sysyphus

    Sysyphus New commenter

    Excuse cell errors.

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