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Dear Aunt Flo...

Discussion in 'Pregnancy' started by FoundationStage!, Apr 27, 2011.

  1. ... Once again you are unwelcome and unexpected. The initial sight of you incurs a longing and hopefulness that your colour represents my bean's will to hold on to Mummy. But as you gather momentum, your full force always makes me cry. You cause me psychological and physical pain. I take out my frustrations on others - they subsequently become upset with me. Everyone knows when you are here as my complexion and pallor resemble a pizza. Today I was nicknamd Pimplejuice! All because of you, evil Aunt Flo.
    Why can't you do as I ask and give me a break? Nine months would suffice. Just enough time to incubate my much-loved bean. Do you know I actually expected you this month? Although I kidded myself that you might not darken my door (so to speak). But my chart shows the same pattern as my previous hopeless cycle - 11 days of hope and then you blast me into this pit of misery. It wouldn't be so bad if I had the full two week wait but you can't even grace me with that. I hope you realise that next month I do not want to see you. Your success is my failure. Please, Aunt Flo, give me a break...
    FS [​IMG]
  2. I sincerely hope she listens. Baby dust xx
  3. She listened! BFP this morning. Shocked and scared it is in my remaining tube...
    Antoniou, your baby dust is like gold and I am sending lots back your way! Thanks for sympathising with me, I have been a miserable cow. Need to find an EPU today and see if this is going to require surgery like last time.
    I'm scared [​IMG]
  4. Oh FS, that's fantastic news! I've got everything crossed for you. Keep positive, I don't think lightening ever strikes twice xx
  5. Very pleased to hear your good news. of course you are scared. Anyone would be in your shoes. Go to the EPU and let them scan you regularly to reasssure you and we will all have our fingers crossed that your pregnancy is happy and healthy. x
  6. Thanks, Antoniou and Ladymarm! I'm hoping the EPU will answer my calls soon! The wedding is a good distraction today as house hunting will be tomorrow. But I expect I'd be a nervous wreck on Sunday and Monday if I have to wait for a scan...
  7. Omg what brilliant news, congratulations. Have faith in that clever other side collecting tube to deliver egg to where it should be x
  8. toeinwater

    toeinwater New commenter

    I too find laundry very exciting Moomoon... (said in a flat, ironic tone) [​IMG]
    Actually, not so much... may be I'll send you some ironing to keep you busy FS!
    We seem to be having that run of BFPs that people were referring to. I really hope I can join the gang soon.
  9. I detest ironing. But by all means, drop over your washing! I even had to erect their new retractable washing line as they only us clothes horses. Obviously I didn't fix it permanently but it is attached to their gazebo, tree and birdbath in a makeshift way that Mr FS classes as ***. Ha ha!

  10. That's such fantastic news FS! I read your original post the other day and was so saddened by your frustration that I didn't know what to say, however I do now - congratulations!! Hope you get good news on Thursday, will be thinking of you
    AN x

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